Ask Clottey..He Don’t Want it with Pac

March 15, 2010

I'm sorry..but Floyd does not stand a chance

star (stär) – An artistic performer or athlete whose leading role or superior performance is acknowledged.

There really is no other word I can use to describe Manny Pacquiao. When athletes or other performers get to a particular level they  usually begin to think their shit doesn’t stink and that they are an immortal being sent from up above by a celestial body of some sort. (cough, cough Floyd Mayweather Jr.)

How can you hate Manny Pacquiao?? An underdog before he even stepped foot in a boxing ring, he has single handedly brought the sport of boxing back from its graveyard. He again proved his star to the world after taking down Joshua Clottey in a 12 round decision in the palatial Cowboys stadium this past Saturday.

The fight that should have been Pacquiao versus Mayweather drew the largest boxing crowd in the US in over 17 years.  Pacquiao and Clottey who  have been nothing short of friendly since the fight was announced used all 12 rounds to determine a winner. However it was clear by the middle of the fight that the African native wanted nothing to do with the powerful and speedy Filipino.

The fight wasn’t close, and it was never in doubt. It was so one-sided that even those in the cheap seats among the crowd of 50,994 could tell without looking at the giant video screens over the ring that Pacquiao was in total command. One ringside judge gave Pacquiao every round, while the two others gave him all but one. The Associated Press scored it a shutout.

It wasn’t as flashy as his knockout of Ricky Hatton or as savage as the beating he gave Oscar De La Hoya, but there was no doubt Pacquiao was in command the entire way against a fighter who kept his gloves up high in front of his face and chose to engage him only in spurts. Clottey’s strategy worked to keep him upright, but he was never competitive in the biggest fight of his career.

“He’s a very tough opponent,” Pacquiao said. “He was looking for a big shot.”

Pacquiao was supposed to have been fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. instead of Clottey, but the megafight fell apart over a dispute over blood testing. He took out any frustrations over losing the biggest fight of his career by beating up Clottey on the biggest stage of his career.

“I want that fight, the world wants that fight, but it’s up to him,” Pacquiao said. “I’m ready to fight any time.”

That time won’t come soon. Mayweather is fighting Shane Mosley on May 1, and the earliest the two could get together would be in the fall and only if Mayweather backs off his demands for blood testing.

The fight this night was more of an event than a real competition, bringing in the biggest crowd in the U.S. for a fight since Julio Cesar Chavez fought Pernell Whitaker at the Alamodome in 1993. It paid off handsomely for Pacquiao, though, who earned at least $12 million and built on the reputation he has gained as one of the greatest fighters of his time.

Promoters not only sold out the 45,000 seats available for the bout, but added thousands more standing room only “party passes” for fans who could get a glimpse of the action and see every drop of sweat on the huge overhead screens.

“It’s one of the most incredible stories not just in boxing but anywhere,” promoter Bob Arum said. “Fourteen years ago he was sleeping in a cardboard shack in the Philippines and tonight he puts 51,000 people in this palace in Dallas.”

The tone of the fight was set early, with Pacquiao advancing against his taller opponent and throwing punches with both hands from all angles. It was the same style that gave him spectacular wins in his last three fights and, though Clottey was clearly the bigger fighter, he fought back only sparingly.

“Everything’s working now,” trainer Freddie Roach told Pacquiao after the third round. “It’s easy.”

It was easy, too, much to the delight of the crowd and much to the delight of an entire country back in Pacquiao’s homeland. There, traffic came to a halt and huge numbers of Filipinos, including army troops and allied American soldiers, jammed theatres in shopping malls and military camps nationwide to root for Pacquiao. In what has now become a familiar scene, Filipinos repeatedly yelled his name and threw punches in the air after the country’s boxing hero was declared the winner.



  1. I love Pac Man, but this fight just goes to show how horrible the professional sport of boxing has become. It’s all about the money, no one cares about technique or skill anymore.
    Once these guys make it to PPV status, it’s almost like they’ve reached they’re plateau. It’s makes guys like Clotti think it’s ok to dance his way into the ring to some shitty reggae, just to get pumbled and look like a fool.
    I’ve never seen so much playful smiling and hugging in a boxing match.
    This is a fight, not a fuckin reunion.
    Just goes to prove that boxing is all about money, and very few care if they win or not.

  2. and Pacman loves you Stevie!!! hahaha… yeah I’m 100% especially cause i paid to view it.. to be honest.. I thought it was gonna be better.. if Clottey wasnt so scared it could of been a good fight.. Clottey is a strong dude and he lumped Pac up wit jus a couple of hits.. the guy was plain scared of him he really didnt want to engage cause he knew he was fast but he didnt realize how strong he was

  3. hahah steve hit it on the head…THE WORST FIGHT IVE EVER SEEN. Clottey just wanted to make his $$$…surprised he didnt kiss Pac after the fight they were loving each other so much. boxing sucks. until pac fights floyd, no 1 will give a shit. period. yeah pac is the best, but who can he really be compared to?

  4. fans who say boxing suck usually do not follow or like the sport that much… Chris Arreola, Paul Williams, Chad Dawson, Celestino Caballero and a few others under the radar have really made this sport something to watch as of late.. UFC has really just taken a market share of the whole fighting game due to savvy marketing and energy drink inebriated youths…no one really can compare to Pac because no boxer has really come close to what hes done.. but if you wanted to compare oranges to clementines you can argue that a boxer like Henry Armstrong who held titles at the feather, light and welter weight class is a fair comparison

  5. or mayweather…. whose won titles in 5 different weight classes….pac did it in 7 different classes. thats a fair comparison, hence why they need to fight. MMA is way better than boxing now…

  6. Mayweather wants olympic style drug testing in a sport that does not require olympic style drug testing… aka hes shook to def… after Sugar beats his ass on may 1st.. i dont even wanna see him fight Pac..cause it would be no competition..Pac unlike Mayweather fought quality fighters his entire career while Floyd 9 out of 10 times dodged them.. so please lay blame on him for souring up the sport… in addition.. Pac began his career as a light flyweight moving up all the way to the welterweight he is now.. he has not backed down from one fight his entire career.and the only boxer in history to win the lineal championship in 4 weight classes.

  7. luke..but this comment “so please lay blame on him for souring up the sport” is just down right retarded. sorry bro. The sport got sour because THEY ARE NO GOOD FIGHTERS ANYMORE…xcept for Pac. Sport got soft and became too much about money. thats y MMA is more popular. At least it’s entertaining. PPV ROBBED people of 50 bucks to watch that fight.. actually, i wouldnt even call it a fight.

    and mayweather is no competition? wow i thought i was a biased writer. He IS 40 and 0… Undefeated…i think thats comp.

  8. yeah blame Floyd for being a bitch.. the Pac-Floyd fight would have single handedly brought boxing back.. you say not popular because you dont watch it or are interested in other fighters..thats probably why you only know 2 fighters..Pac and Mayweather.. and maybe Cotto after he got his ass whipped… just like baseball dying after the strike and being revitalized a couple of years later..its the same thing.. because you personally dont like boxing or know other pugilists does not mean its dead… obviously your bias because most ppl dont think the sports dead or else the Cotto-Pac fight wouldnt have generated the money that it did and you know for damn sure that jerry jones wasnt having a sport that didnt pay his bills be displayed at the brand new stadium.. and I know Yankee stadium didnt simply give away the pre fight party for Cotto-Pac for peanuts.. your point in saying boxing is dead is moot.. you have no evidence to supplant your theory.. Mayweather is 40-0.. no one can take that away from him and thats why hes my 2nd favorite fighter.. but the guy has fought NO ONE.. Pac has fought the GREATEST fighters in each of the weight classes that hes fought in..not the chump change..and to be honest I cant like a fighter whos never lost before… because you can never taste true victory without losing first…

  9. also read the article… Dallas stadium was sold out..45,000 seats filled with standing room only..that does not even count PPV revenue.. whens the last time a MMA fight was at a huge venue?? women lie, men lie.. numbers dont..ask Hal and Jerry when there trying to host the next MMA event

  10. Luke…please stop making assumptions on how much I know… “you say not popular because you dont watch it or are interested in other fighters..thats probably why you only know 2 fighters..Pac and Mayweather.. and maybe Cotto after he got his ass whipped… ” — That’s a FALSE STATEMENT.
    Boxing is DEAD. Ask 9 out of 10 sports fans to name 5 good boxers that are under 32 and they can’t…and you know why? Because they are none! MMA has become way more entertaining. After Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis retired, shit went down hill!
    Checked out Mayweather’s fights — he fought Gatti,Corrales, Castillo, Zab, De La Hoya, Hatten, Marquez, Mosley (in a few wks), Baldomir, Vargas…

    And in 7 of those fights, he won some sort of title. I think those are pretty good fighters and wouldn’t be categorized as “no ones.”

    And no way Dallas sold out…it holds 100,000 plus and the only reason it got half that amount was because Pac was in it.

  11. lmfao… you hiding behind your IP address again?? i love you bro.. but stop using my name out here man its the internet.. okay false statement. youre the boxing guru I bow down to your infinite knowledge of the sport..
    ask boxing fans and the biggest gripe about mayweather is that he fought no one.. did you say Judah? Dallas did sell out homie they didnt open the stadium to capacity because that would be ridic..but you highlight my point Pac sold it out because hes a popular fighter i know half those fans werent filipino.. they were boxing fans..who enjoy the sport of boxing.. as far as assumptions.. dont make assumptions that the sport is dead dude because you dont enjoy it.. I dont think 9 out of 10 sports fans can name 5 mma fighters period.. boxings become more popular internationally if anything just like soccer is.. check puerto rico, mexico, DR and of course the philippines.. i get it man you dont like boxing or are a hater.. either way is fine with me.. youre still a cool dude at the end of the day

  12. 8 boxers under 32

    31 yo Manny Pacquiao (of course)
    29 yo Miguel Cotto (a career welter weight champ)
    32 yo Israel Vazquez (current junior featheweight champ)
    27 yo Chad Dawson (current light heavyweight champ)
    30 yo Arthur Abraham (31-0 super middleweight)
    28 yo Paul Williams (38-1)
    27 yo Kelly Pavlik (dopest white boxer right now)
    31 yo Jermain Taylor (career middleweight champ)

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