The Replacements

March 12, 2010

...starring Brodney Pool and maybe Tomlinson?

The Jets have come to an agreement with free-agent safety Brodney Pool on a 1-year, 1.3 million dollar deal.  

Pool had previously played his entire career with the Cleveland Browns, and although he will be entering his 6th season in the NFL, Brodney is only 25 years old.  Because the Browns did not offer Brodney Pool a tender, Gang Green will not have to send any compensation to Cleveland.   

Pool, a second-round pick out of Oklahoma in 2005, had 50 tackles, four interceptions and a sack last season before being injured at Cincinnati in Week 12.  He has 11 interceptions and four sacks in his five NFL seasons.  

Brodney also holds the Browns’ franchise record for longest interception return, going 100 yards for a score against the Baltimore Ravens in 2007. 

With the recent trade of Kerry Rhodes, this was a good pick up by the Jets.  Pool is young, talented, and a perfect fit for what Rex Ryan wants to do on defense.  The one flaw is his health history, which includes four concussions in five years.  Yikes…. 

As one Browns fan put it-  “He will get concussed walking onto the plane to New York.”  

Even with the potential for disaster, this was a low-risk, high-reward move by Tannenbaum.  Pool was one of the few Browns players that actually played well for Cleveland last season, and if he should get injured, at least the Jets did not have to relinquish a draft pick for him.  Furthermore, the Jets brass now won’t  be hamstrung into selecting a safety early in the draft to replace Rhodes.  

“He is healthy and ready to go,” agent Ben Dogra said. “Despite reports to the contrary, Brodney only had one known concussion. He is excited about the opportunity to play for the Jets and making a contribution to the No. 1 defense in the NFL.” 

With the release of Thomas Jones, and his subsequent signing with the Chiefs, Gang Green is now also in the market for a running back.  Shonn Greene certainly showed his abilities in the playoffs last season, but many are still unsure whether he can be a featured back in the NFL.  Throw in that Leon Washington is coming back from an almost career-threatening injury, and it is clear that a thrid running back is needed.  

Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that free agent LaDainian Tomlinson is on his way to New York to meet with the Jets, after LT visited the Vikings yesterday.  Tomlinson has not been shy about his desire to play on a good team, and his quest for a Championship.  Therefore, it is no coincidence that the four teams he is interested in are the Vikings, Jets, Eagles, and Saints, all of which should be contenders in 2010.  

LaDainian reportedly left Minnesota very impressed by the Vikings, but still wants to pursue all options before making a decision.    Tomlinson has stated he has no problems being a backup for a contending team.  

I am with the belief that LaDainian Tomlinson is pretty much finished as a productive back in the NFL.  If the Jets do end up signing him, I will not be thrilled with the move as they could have retained Thomas Jones for probably the same or close to the amount of money Tomlinson will cost.  

That being said, I think he could help the Jets in taking away 8-12 carries a game from Shonn Greene, as well as catching passes out of the backfield.  I guess in a year with no salary cap, this move makes some sorts of sense.  



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