Further Evidence that FA’s want nothing to do with the Knicks

March 12, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype

After another losing season, the Knicks hope that a premier free agent will be arriving on July 1st is beginning to fade. With Lebron James looking to be firmly stuck in Cleveland and Dwayne Wade possibly returning to Chicago to join Derrick Rose, the Knicks have begun to set their sights on second tier free agents like Joe Johnson.

Reports claim that Johnson’s history with Knicks bum ass coach Mike D’Antoni, they spent time together in Phoenix, and agent Arn Tellem’s relationship with New York executive Donnie Walsh could lead to him signing with the Knicks this summer.

“That is always going to be kind of scrutinized and everybody wants to know what’s what,” Johnson said. “So we’ll see. I don’t know what is going to happen, to be honest with you.”

Ouch! After sealing their franchise worst ninth losing season the Knicks hopes of being a contender next season are dwindling. A part of the reasoning behind hiring D’antoni was that he can lure free agents to New York.  Scott Layden threw enormous sums of money to players with no talent, Isaiah Thomas wore out his welcome by sexually harassing employees and Donnie Walsh looks to be the guy who thought he could win by getting under the cap.

What will the next GM’s legacy in New York be?


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  1. Bosh and Joe Johnson wouldn’t be so bad tho…

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