Reyes’ Status in Limbo

March 11, 2010

When he goes...We go

Mets doctors have a problem on their hands. They mis-diagnosed both Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran with injuries that ended up being more serious than what they thought, and after Beltran opted for surgery that will make him miss the start of the season, they will also face the possibility of not having their shortstop for opening day.

The word from the Mets is that Jose is taking the necessary precautions after a blood test last week that may have indicated an overactive thyroid gland. Reyes yesterday said that he is feeling fine and that there is nothing to worry about. However, the Mets organization have yet to clear him to resume baseball activities.

Whats all the confusion about? Can we get a straight answer or are we going to lose the Mets best player to start the season? The optimism for this 2010 team was overflowing at the start of spring training and now its been regulated to a trickle.

Whoever is in charge of making medical decisions for the leagues second highest payroll needs to be fired or killed. Whichever comes first, another disappointing season this year will not rest well with fans.



  1. Reyes is out 2-8 weeks…doesnt need meds, but has to rest until levels go down.

    I need a new side-team…im thinkin about the twins or rays. Cant take the mets anymore….

  2. 2-8 weeks thats a big fucking disparity in time… is it 2 weeks or 8 weeks? fuck the mets medical staff and this team when they start the season 0-4

  3. How can Fred and Jeffy Wilpon, along with the rest of the bone heads making the decisions for the Mets justify that horrendous training and medical staff.
    Last seasons plethora of injuries, this off-seasons sketchy issues, yet no one trainer or doctor on the Mets medical staff has been fired or let go?
    Not only that, but the Mets medical staff is in the top 5 highest paid in the league. I saw an interview with Fred Wilpon on SNY in late February in which he referred to his team having the best, most dedicated training staff in all of baseball.
    What’s Fred been smokin?
    Are him, Jeff, Omar, Saul Katz, and the rest of those weirdo’s watching the same team we are?
    I personally think they need to clean house and bring in some new
    personel because these injury problems are just getting worse and worse.

  4. this teams docs are a bunch of buttholes… there not fired yet because the entire managing staff is completely INEPT

  5. I dont blame this one on the MEts. They did everything right…I blame the loud-mouth agent of Reyes who thinks he is the GM of the Mets and can speak freely about the situation anytime he wants. he was the only who said everything would be OK, when it really wasn’t.

    Doctors actually did the right thing this time…instead of letting Reyes play, and having this be a problem mid-season, they were cautious.

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