2010 Fantasy Baseball Top 50

March 11, 2010

#1-Hanley Ramirez-SS-FLA- What’s not to love about Han-Ram?  Given the shallowness at the shortstop position for the 2010 season and the monstrous numbers he put up in ’09 (.342 BA, 101 R’s, 24 HR’s, 106 RBI’s, 27 SB, .410 OBP), Hanley’s value is “through the roof”.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he’s only 26 and it’s very possible he hasn’t even met his potential yet. How scary is that?

#2-Albert Pujols-1B-STL- 2009 Stats- .327 BA, 124 R, 47 HR, 135 RBI, .443 OPS

#3-Alex Rodriguez-3B-NYY- 2009 Stats- 444 AB, .286 BA, 78 R, 30 HR, 100 RBI, .933 OPS

#4-Chase Utley-2B-PHI- Questions and concerns over Utley’s surgically repaired hip were put to rest quickly last year (.342 BA and 7 HR’s in April), and after an outstanding playoff run (5 HR’s in the World Series), Utley is cemented in a class by himself at the second base position.  His speed, power, and consistency should make any team owner happy to draft Chutley.

#5-Ryan Braun-OF-MIL- 2009 Stats- .320 BA, 113 R, 32 HR, 114 RBI, 20 SB, .937 OPS

#6-Mark Teixeira-1B-NYY- 2009 Stats- .292 BA, 103 R, 39 HR, 122 RBI, .948 OPS

#7-Joe Mauer-C-MIN- The man they call “Gentleman Joe” emerged better than ever after missing the entire month of April last season with back issues.  By far the best catcher on the planet, a new found power stroke and across the board career highs in 2009 (.365 BA, 28 HR, 96 RBI, .444 OBP) make Joe Mauer an obvious first round commodity.

#8-Prince Fielder-1B-MIL- 2009 Stats- .299 BA, 103 R, 46 HR, 141 RBI, .412 OBP, 1.014 OPS

#9-Ryan Howard-1B-PHI- 2009 Stats- .279 BA, 105 R, 45 HR, 141 RBI, .931 OPS

#10-Miguel Cabrera-1B-DET- 2009 Stats- .324 BA, 96 R, 34 HR, 103 RBI, .396 OBP

  • ***NOTE*** Five of the top 10 are First Baseman(Pujols, Teixeira, Fielder, Howard, Cabrera) and only four of the top 50 are Shortstops(Ramirez, Tulowitzki, Jeter, Reyes).  Hence there is a plethora of monster HR/RBI talent at First Base this year as compared to basically one at Shortstop. With that in mind, Hanley Ramirez is one of the most, if not the most valuable pick in the entire draft.

#11-Roy Halladay-P-TOR- An already proven “beast” of a pitcher transitioning from the American League to the National League, that’s a lethal mixture for his opponents.  After compiling 18 complete games and 6 shutouts over the last two years (by far the most in the majors), I can’t imagine a more dominant pitcher than Doc Halladay.

#12-Tim Lincecum-P-SF- 2009 Stats- 225 IP, 15W-7L, 261 K, 2.48 ERA, 1.05 WHIP

#13-Evan Longoria-3B-TB- 2009 Stats- .281 BA, 100 R, 33 HR, 113 RBI

#14-Matt Holliday-OF-STL- 2009 Stats- .313 BA, 94 R, 24 HR, 109 RBI, .394 OBP

#15-Carl Crawford-OF-TB- 2009 Stats-.305 BA, 96 R, 15 HR, 60 SB, .364 OBP

#16-David Wright-3B-NYM- 2009 Stats- .307 BA, 88 R, 10 HR, 72 RBI, 27 SB, .390 OBP

#17-Justin Morneau-1B-MIN- With an abundance of overwhelming talent at first base this year, it’s easy to overlook Justin Morneau, but that’s a huge mistake.  A stress fracture in his back slowed him late in the 2009 season, but his numbers (500 AB, 30 HR, 100 RBI) were once again on track to prove he’s one of the tops at his position.  A single injury plagued season isn’t enough for me to question Morneau’s durability, and he’s a consistent 30 HR/110 RBI guy either way, so he should be drafted accordingly.

#18-Ian Kinsler-2B-TEX- 2009 Stats- .253 BA, 101 R, 31 HR, 86 RBI, 31 SB, .814 OPS

#19-Justin Upton-OF-ARI- 2009 Stats- .300 BA, 84 R, 26 HR, 86 RBI, 20 SB

#20-Felix Hernandez-P-SEA- 2009 Stats- 238 IP, 19W-5L, 217 K, 2.49 ERA, 1.14 WHIP

  • ***NOTE*** The top-tier pitchers are going quick this year, so expect a swift pitcher rush between the 2nd and 4th rounds of your draft.  If you’re looking to have a guaranteed 200+ IP, 200+ K pitcher on your roster for the 2010 fantasy baseball season, you better be ready to pull the trigger and snag a “hurler” early.

#21-Adrian Gonzalez-1B-SD- 2009 Stats- .277 BA, 90 R, 40 HR, 99 RBI, .407 OBP, .958 OPS

#22-Troy Tulowitzki-SS-COL- 2009 Stats-  .297 BA, 101 R, 32 HR, 92 RBI, .930 OPS

#23-Matt Kemp-OF-LAD- Finishing in the top Ten (among outfielders) in Runs(97), Steals(34), and RBI’s(101) in 09′(just his first full season in the “Bigs”), Kemp is widely viewed as a top fantasy commodity for 2010.  Few players are capable of matching his 5 category attack.  But it’s only his first year and im not sold on one year.  Late 2nd, early 3rd round is a safe spot for to draft Kemp.

#24-C.C. Sabathia-P-NYY– 2009 Stats- 230 IP, 19W-8L, 197 K, 3.37 ERA, 1.15 WHIP

#25-Derek Jeter-SS-NYY- 2009 Stats- .334 BA, 107 R, 18 HR, 30 SB, .406 OBP

#26-Aaron Hill-2B-TOR- 2009 Stats- .286 BA, 103 R, 36 HR, 108 RBI, .829 OPS

#27-Ryan Zimmerman-3B-WAS- 2009 Stats- .292 BA, 110 R, 33 HR, 106 RBI, .888 OPS

#28-Robinson Cano-2B-NYY- Robby “Don’t Ya Know?!” Cano busted out of the gates “en fuego” in 2009.  He got it started with a .366 BA in April and never looked back.  He swings at damn near everything the opposing pitcher throws, but his low amount of strikeouts proves he makes contact with almost everything as well.  After establishing himself as a top-tier Second Baseman with 48 Doubles, 25 HR, and 103 R in 161 games in 2009, any fantasy owner should be happy to have Robinson on their squad in 2010.

#29-Mark Reynolds-3B/1B-ARI- 2009 Stats- .260 BA, 98 R, 27 HR, 94 RBI, .413 OBP, .961 OPS

#30-Kevin Youkilis-1B/3B-BOS- 2009 Stats- .305 BA, 99 R, 27 HR, 94 RBI, .413 OBP, .961 OPS

  • ***NOTE*** Prior to round’s 4 and 5, middle infielders have been few and far between. Just goes to show the lack of power and performance provided by those positions (Second Base and Shortstop), which proves the advantage of drafting a “basher” at either spot, alla Utley and Hanley.

#31-Adam Lind-OF-TOR- 2009 Stats- .305 BA, 93 R, 35 HR, 114 RBI, .932 OPS

#32-Zack Greinke-P-KC- 2009 Stats- 229 IP, 16W-8L, 242 K, 2.16 ERA, 1.07 WHIP

#33-Ichiro Suzuki-OF-SEA- 2009 Stats- .352 BA, 88 R, 26 SB, .396 OBP

#34-Jacoby Ellsbury-OF-BOS- 2009 Stats- .301 BA, 94 R, 70 SB, .355 OBP

#35-Jayson Werth-OF-PHI- No longer flying under the radar, Jayson Werth has emerged as a glorified “bopper” by establishing career highs in Runs, HR’s, and RBI’s in each of the past two seasons.  If it wasn’t for a less than mediocre batting average (.265 career), Werth’s blend of power (36 HR, 99 RBI) and speed (20 SB) would find him being drafted much earlier in fantasy leagues.

#36-Dustin Pedroia-2B-BOS- 2009 Stats- .296 BA, 115 R, 15 HR, 20 SB, .371 OBP

#37-Justin Verlander-P-DET- 2009 Stats- 240 IP, 19W-9L, 269 K, 3.45 ERA, 1.18 WHIP

#38-Grady Sizemore-OF-CLE- 2009 Stats- 436 AB, 73 R, 18 HR, 13 SB

#39-Jon Lester-P-BOS- Talk about getting better and better, making progress with every year that passes.  Jon Lester pitched in, and won the clinching game of the World Series for the Red Sox in 2007, he beat cancer in 2008, and became the first Red Sox lefty to notch 200 strikeouts in 2009.  Even on a staff alongside names like Beckett and Lackey, Jon Lester will most likely be the ace, and that says a lot.

#40-Dan Haren-P-ARI- 2009 Stats- 229 IP, 14W-10L, 223K, 3.14 ERA, 1.00 WHIP

  • ***NOTE*** The fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds consist of a mixture of young stars who have produced for 1-2 seasons but have yet to prove themselves as superstars(Adam Lind, Grady Sizemore) and players who have already consistently produced but are entering the twilight of their careers(Ichiro, Johan Santana).  Either way, it’s all a roll of the dice.

#41-Pablo Sandoval-3B-SF– 2009 Stats- .330 BA, 25 HR, 90 RBI, .387 OBP, .943 OPS

#42-Johan Santana-P-NYM- 2009 Stats- 166 IP, 13W-9L, 146 K, 3.13 ERA, 1.21 WHIP

#43-Aramis Ramirez-3B-CHI- 2009 Stats- 306 AB, .317 BA, 46 R, 15 HR, 65 RBI, .905 OPS

#44-Carlos Lee-OF-HOU- 600+ at bat’s in four of the last five seasons has proven El Caballo’s consistency.  He missed 50 games last year due to a fractured finger and still had 28 HR and 100 RBI.  Carlos has hit 25+ HR for eight years straight and has broken the 100 RBI plateau for the fifth straight season as well.  With those numbers in mind, there’s nothing to complain about with “The Horse” in your line up.

#45-Derek Lee-1B-CHC- 2009 Stats- .306 BA, 91 R, 35 HR, 111 RBI, .393 OBP, .972 OPS

#46-Kendry Morales-1B-LAA- 2009 Stats- .306 BA, 86 R, 34 HR, 108 RBI, .924 OPS

#47-Jose Reyes-SS-NYM- 2009 Stats- 147 AB, .279 BA, 11 SB, .355 OBP

#48-Andre Ethier-OF-LAD- 2009 Stats- .272 BA, 92 R, 31 HR, 106 RBI, .869 OPS

#49-Joey Votto-1B-CIN- Even with missing some time while battling a severe case of depression, Votto still finished in the NL top five in batting average(.322), on-base percentage(.414), and slugging percentage(.567) in ’09.  These “through the roof” stats suggest the 26-year-old Canadian is on the path to super-stardom.  A potential .300-30-100 guy, get ready for a breakout performance in 2010.

#50-Curtis Granderson-OF-NYY- 2009 Stats- .249 BA, 91 R, 30 HR, 20 SB

  • ***NOTE*** These rankings are based on the opinions of Vanglorious and Sensei Diatribe of T.O.N.Y.(Talk of New York) Sports. Working as a team, we factored in our predictions for the upcoming 2010 MLB Season, along with our overall combined baseball knowledge to create our own list. Having said that, we are both Yankee fans, so it’s no coincidence to see 6 Yankees in the top 50.

Good luck to all on a healthy and prosperous 2010 Fantasy Baseball Season… (Unless you’re in one of my leagues, in which case I hope you go down in flames.)

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