Will it ever end?

March 5, 2010

Another "injury" for Jose Reyes



According to Omar Minaya, the team is electing to be cautious, and this is not a baseball related issue.  Reyes could play today, but because this is a personal health issue the doctor’s requested that Jose be removed from the lineup.   

The problem didn’t surface until the Mets team doctor’s in New York double-checked the results of Reyes’ first test on his Thyroid.  The Florida doctor’s had originally cleared Reyes of any Thyroid problems.   

An ironic treatment for this problem is typically HGH.  But I think the doctor’s will take a different route to fix the imbalance.  

Minaya also said Francisco Rodriguez has yet to be cleared of pink eye, but is expected back soon.  

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Jose Reyes is headed back to New York, after being scratched from the lineup once again this morning.    

According to Ed Coleman of WFan, there are issues with Reyes’ thyroid levels and an imbalance in the blood.  Further tests will not be done until Monday, and Jose is expected to resume baseball activities on Wednesday if everything is OK.   

Reyes told reporters that he feels fine, and has no pain whatsoever in the hamstring that caused him to miss most of the 2009 season.  In his first spring action, the shortstop laced a triple off the first pitch he saw, and showed no signs of any injury problems rounding the bases.   

After being scratched from the lineup on Thursday, Jose was still able to take batting practice and get his running in.   

This is probably more precautionary than anything, but for a team that can’t seem to escape the demons of years past, this is pretty alarming.  All reports seem to indicate that Reyes will be fine, but most Mets fans will refuse to be optimistic about any “injury” issue.   

Omar Minaya is expected to address the situation in further detail sometime early afternoon.   



  1. fucking fuck

  2. Reyes will be ok. Those thyroid injuries are not that serious……………..

  3. Reyes will be ok. Thyroid issues are no big deal…………

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