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Peter Speaks DA TROOF!

March 5, 2010

Can't believe it's come to this

I always thought that Knick beat writers (Isola, Berman) were fucking idiots. Berman was Stephon Marbury’s personal writer for the Post and Frank Isola is just a complete idiot. I mean have you seen his picture? Looks like a Jersey Shore reject from the 1980’s, I swear if he put a sweat suit on he’d look like an extra on The Sopranos.

Anywho, Peter Vecsey who I’ve been a long time fan since his days at NBA on NBC always has some insightful shit to say. He’s depiction of the current Knick organization is spot the fuck on. Read for yourselves kiddies.

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Will it ever end?

March 5, 2010

Another "injury" for Jose Reyes



According to Omar Minaya, the team is electing to be cautious, and this is not a baseball related issue.  Reyes could play today, but because this is a personal health issue the doctor’s requested that Jose be removed from the lineup.   

The problem didn’t surface until the Mets team doctor’s in New York double-checked the results of Reyes’ first test on his Thyroid.  The Florida doctor’s had originally cleared Reyes of any Thyroid problems.   

An ironic treatment for this problem is typically HGH.  But I think the doctor’s will take a different route to fix the imbalance.  

Minaya also said Francisco Rodriguez has yet to be cleared of pink eye, but is expected back soon.  

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