The Jets acquire Antonio Cromartie

March 4, 2010

Mike Tannenbaum has worked his magic yet again. 

The New York Jets, according to various sources, traded their 2011 third-round pick to the San Diego Chargers for cornerback Antonio Cromartie late Thursday night.  The pick can become a second rounder based on Cromartie’s playing time and performance with Gang Green. 

Did the NFL’s best defense just get better?  Or are we looking at Lito Shepphard 2.0?

Antonio had his best year in 2007, when he intercepted 10 passes and was named to the pro-bowl.  It became apparent, however, that the former first-round draft pick fell out of favor with the defensive coaching staff in San Diego last season. 

Cromartie’s cover skills have been inconsistent at times, but there is no denying that the kid can make plays and is a game changer on the field.  Throw in the fact that the Jets relinquished a 2011 pick, and not one in the upcoming draft, and this deal looks to be a good one on paper.  

Nonetheless, like the previously mentioned Shepphard, and similar to Braylon, the Jets are taking a risk.  Cromartie can be a head-case at times, and the effort wasn’t always there on the field.  Likewise, there are some off-the-field issues that need to be noted. 

Cro failed to appear in court twice for different traffic tickets and hasn’t paid $799 in traffic-related fines, causing the Department of Motor Vehicles to withhold his driver’s license application.  A minor offense for most, but with “Crimetime” this is just the beginning. 

Cromartie is also scheduled to appear in San Diego Superior Court later this month for a judgment debtor’s exam related to child support he owes one of the mothers of his children.

Last month, the Union-Tribune reported Cromartie was past due on about $25,000 in child support, according to court records and a local attorney.  Not that it really matters, but he has at least seven children with six different women in five states. All children are under 6. 

During the 2008 season, the cornerback stated that his off-field issues with the mother’s of his children affected is on-field play.  He also has failed to appear in court three times, all child-support related. 

Antonio is young, and if he buys into Rex’s system like almost everyone has, I see no reason why he can’t regain his 2007 form.  I’ll give him the benefit of doubt with regards to his “lack of effort,” mainly because I think the San Diego coaching staff was and is too soft, whereas Rex won’t take bullshit from anybody. 

What this trade definitely does is it allows Tannenbaum, Rex, and the rest of the coaching staff to focus on the Jets other needs come draft time, as it doesn’t look like they’ll need to waste an early pick on a cornerback.

Cromartie is entering his final year of his contract, and it is unlikely the Jets will extend a multi-year deal to the play-maker.


  1. secondary is going to be a problem.. still need a pass rusher… wassup with releasing TJ?? and possibly not getting Leon back??

    • def need a pass rusher. TJ will be missed, but nfl is a business. There is no loyalty.

  2. You forgot to add that Mr. Cromartie has an IQ of 60, literally.
    In case you were wondering, a person with that IQ is considered mentally retarded.
    With that said, he’s got to be the highest paid retard since Corky from “Life Goes On”.

    • Not really tho steve. In the case of actual retards, he probably is the highest paid one. But in terms of FB players, he’s in the final year of his original, 4-year contract, worth about $1.25 million, which is pretty cheap for a person of his talent.

    • Forrest Gump made millions in the shrimping industry. Sometimes it pays to be mentally retarted.

      That story about his IQ was proven false I think. There is no way a person with that IQ could be “one of the most prolific writers on twitter,” according to his agent. Plus the guy who broke that story was a convicted felon who was probably jealous of cromartie and his millions.

  3. bro you ever read some twitters these athletes have?? some of them can barely spell or count to 10… sad scene… hhahahaha… as long as he can cover better than lito sheppard i’m good

    • HAHA I know man thats why I thought that comment by his agent was fuckin hilarious. But in defense, twitter only allows you to use a certain amount of letters/words in a post so sometimes you gotta come up with crazy/shortened spellings of words to get your point across.

      example: here’s what cromartie posted today –

      Helo Jets Fans I’m so proud to be apart of a gr8 organization. I wood like to thank every1 for welcoming me into the family. I can’t hardly wait to team up wit @revis24 this is going to be fun

      LMAO at “wood.”

  4. good gamble by Mr. T. Cromartie needed a change of scenery. Way better than any other corner the Jet’s had last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if he leads the team in INT’s.

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