Not the Right Stuff

March 3, 2010

A familiar look on Coach Mike's face

Mike D’antoni has yet to prove to me that he is a capable coach. What he has proved to me however is that he is an egotistical maniac who has yet to bring out the best in his players. I mean seriously, why is this guy so heralded? Is it because of back to back 60+ wins in Phoenix?

He had a two-time mvp’er in Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and a bunch of guys who can shoot the ball when they were open. He never won a championship and he couldn’t beat the San Antonio Spurs. Not really an impressive resume in my opinion.

He seems like a nice guy and all but nice guys finish last. For the past two seasons in New York I have yet to see a resemblance of a team and the players don’t seem to be working hard for him. The players who are just naturally blue collared guys like David Lee and Jared Jefferies were really the only players I saw scrap for loose balls and play with passion night in and night out. I cannot say the same for Danilo Gallinari, Al Harrington, Chris Duhon and the rest of the suckers who are on the team. (T-Mac, Sergio and Bill Walker get a pass)

Mike Brown who was the assistant coach in San Antonio during the Mike’ D’s tenure in Phoenix had some choice words to say after Mondays game.

“I’m not a fan of those old Sacramento, old Dallas and old Phoenix teams. The success of that formula in the playoffs is not very high.”

Most likely a jab at Mike D’antoni and a discredit to his speed-ball offense which has been slowed down and tinkered in order to accommodate this hapless Knick team. A Knick team who looks to be on their way to three straight 50+ loss seasons. Apparently this offense does not work during the regular season either.

My biggest problem with Mike is that he seems to blame his personnel rather than blame his style of coaching. I mean Chris Duhon is not Steve Nash and David Lee is not Amare Stoudemire. When will this guy begin to adapt to a coaching style that fits his roster?

The team is lacking in talent but alienating the likes of Stephon Marbury, Larry Hughes and prompting Nate Robinson to ask for a trade is preposterous. Donnie Walsh is only agreeing to these moves because they are getting under the cap and he knows that this team will have entirely new faces come training camp this fall. Donnie also knows that while the media and fans scrutinize his every move, that ownership knows that his job will officially start on July 1st.

Mike “the wrong stuff” D’antoni has the rest of this season and maybe the first few weeks this November to prove he can put a winning basketball team on the court of MSG, or else he’ll be back on the unemployment line trying to sell his speed-ball offense to someone else.



  1. D’Antoni blows and if it wasn’t for the lack of talent on this years team, I’d be calling for his head!
    As for Mike Brown, that guy shouldn’t even be considered a coach, I could probably coach that team to the Finals and I could definitely call the same play over and over again(Isolation Lebron, AKA everyone get the hell out of the way!)
    I’m not the biggest D’Antoni fan, but Mike Brown has a lot of nerve criticizing any coaches philosophy.
    When Lebron is gone, everyone will see how terrible Brown really is.

  2. I personally think the role of an NBA coach is overrated/almost useless. Phil JAckson is probably the most heralded coach in the sport, and he has always had a marquee player(s) to coach. He even refused to come to the Knicks back in the day, mainly because there would be no jordan and/or no Kobe there to coach.

    You really think the Knicks would be in the playoff hunt if Phil or another great coach was here? I don’t think so..

    Im not defending D’Antoni…but im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because besides david lee this team has nobody.

    The players will make D’Antoni look good or bad, not the other way around…in my opinion.

  3. valid points on both ends… Will I watch this team every game… they put no effort in for this guy.. coach has to have sometime of motivation for his players man.. hubie brown and the i believe 2000 grizllies team was playing for that guy hard core and they didnt have the best talent… the coach is not useless he has something to do with winning or losing

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