The Once and Future King

March 2, 2010

Please Lord... bring LBJ to NYC

The most consistent Knick has been Donnie Walsh. When he was hired to replace Isaiah Thomas he vowed to get the Knicks back under the cap for the cream of the crop free agency class of 2010, headed by Lebron James.  As of today the Knicks have the most money to spend this summer and can afford to add two hefty maximum contracts to their pay-roll.

Last night I was probably the only Knick fan in the world who was watching the beat-down the Cavaliers handed us at Quicken Loans. The only reason I was watching because it gives me an opportunity to believe that the King will move his throne over to the Garden. I literally have a LBJ countdown on my watch and read the Cleveland Plain Dealer on a daily basis to catch up on his highness’s stats.

What I read today troubled me a bit. Lebron has officially completed the paperwork necessary for him to change his number 23 to the number 6 next season. So…. what does that mean??  It may be an ode to his airness Michael Jordan or an ominous sign that the Kings throne will remain in Ohio for the rest of his career.

The NBA has a specific rule that a number change cannot happen during a players current season and that paperwork must be filed to the NBA’s office in order to move forward with a number change the following season. Nate Robinson did the same paperwork last year to change from the number 4 to the number 2. He is however back to wearing number 4 after his trade to Boston.

The reason this brought a red flag to my mind is that a number change is not necessary if a player is going to another team, it is only necessary if the player is going to change his jersey number on his current team. If you put one and one together, not only do you get two but you get the feeling that Lebron has made up his mind and plans on wearing his new number 6 on a Cav jersey next season.

There goes my summer……

2010 Free Agent Wish List

Lebron James

Dwayne Wade

Carlos Boozer

Chris Bosh

Kobe Bryant



  1. Not only that, but why the he’ll would Lebron want to come to this fairy ass Dantoni ran Knick team. This is New York, and I’m not Alicia Keys, but I know we don’t take shit from from anybody, especially on the court. Delonte West thru it
    down like JR Rider in his prime on us last night, what the hell is that all about? If this was Van Gundy’s team, Delonte would be lucky to leave the court in one piece after that bullshit. You think Ward, Childs, Oakley, or Mason would have sat back and watched the Cavs put on a show, like they’re the Harlem Globetrotters? DOUBT IT!
    We not only need to sign superstars this off-season, we need to grow some cojones, and that goes for D Lee, Danilo, and Wilson Chandler especially. D’Antoni needs to stop running this team like it’s the Village People and start bustin some skulls.
    To steal a line from Major League 2, the Knicks and Mike D’Antoni “have no marbles”, and they better grow a pair if they plan on courting The King.

  2. Stevie- thats why I love ya guy… terrible performance last night but this post is just precursor for whats to come.. Mike needs to be fired.. back to back 50 loss season is intolerable… the coachs job is to make sure to get the best out of his players, he is clearly not capable of that.. he alienated Steph, alienated Larry and Nate Rob… and now they are all gone… dude in my opinion is a sheister… you coaching tomorrow??? you coaching on friday? YOURE NOT COACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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