Microcosm of the Mets failure

January 28, 2010

Coming off a season in which the team lost 92 games and had to endure injury after injury, you would think  Omar Minaya and the Mets would do everything they could to ensure “The Amazing’s” would put an elite squad on the field for 2010.  Rewind to the collapses of ’08 and ’07, and it becomes even more vital that the ownership rejuvenate a disgruntled fan base.

Plenty have knocked Omar and the Wilpons over the past few months for their lack of aggressiveness and downright ineptitude, so I won’t put them on full blast anymore. 

Instead, I’d like to take a look at two players who exemplify everything that is wrong with the Mets — Daniel Murphy and Luis Castillo. 

I’m convinced that the only reasons most Met fans like Murphy is because he’s home-grown, a “hard worker,” and possibly because of his last name.  Yes, Daniel Murphy is an easy guy to root for because he does everything he can to help the team. 

The problem is….Murphy is actually hurting the team, despite his “tremendous work ethic.” 

I was trying to think back to the 2009 season, and find something Murphy did well.  He finished with a .266 average, 12 homeruns, 63 RBI’s, and a .313 on-base-percentage.  After careful thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that Daniel in fact does NOTHING meriting being a starting first baseman on a “championship” team. 

Let’s be honest Met fans….Murphy does not hit for average, has no power (especially for a first baseman) has average to below average speed, and is a below average defensive player. 

Yet, Omar and company is willing to risk another season with the Irish Hammer at first. 

You can tell me that he’s young, has only played one full-year in the big leagues, and will improve.  But this guy’s not buying that crap!

I realize that elite or playoff teams are not made by one player.  Even the Cardinals needed to surround Pujols with Matt Holliday and two top flight starting pitchers.  However, when you’re the Mets, a team with zero production from second base and catcher, a center fielder out til probably June, and an average pitching staff, you cannot afford to have Daniel Murphy at first base. 

The only way the Mets could get away with this would have been by improving the starting pitching to the point where the lineup could get away with a mediocre first baseman.  Unfortunately, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Olive Perez and Fernando Nieve aren’t scaring anyone. 

Throw in the fact that your star third baseman hit only 10 homeruns in ’09, your star short stop in coming off a leg injury, and your ace pitcher is coming off elbow surgery, and Omar Minaya is just asking for his walking papers. 

While Daniel Murphy is at least a likeable ball player, there is nothing charming about Luis Castillo.

I don’t care that Castillo hit over .300 last season, nor do I care about his .390 on-base percentage.  The guy flat-out SUCKS.   Castillo can put down as many bunt hits as he wants, he can turn as many double-plays as his heart desires, but as a Met fan I will aways remember Luis Castillo for his dropped pop-up against the Yankees. 

Certainly one game in a 162 game season is not something to cry about, but that blunder represents everything wrong with this bum.  He does not hustle, has brain farts at least twice a week, and has a “I don’t give a f*ck attitude” that does not fly in the Big Apple. 

Remember how everyone got on Robinson Cano for his lackadaisical play?  At least Cano was giving you a .300 average and 20 homeruns.  Yet, it didn’t take long for Cano to turn around his act and become a premier second baseman. 

Unlike Cano, Castillo has ZERO power.  Home runs are not everything,  but Castillo’s unimaginable lack of power affects the teams overall run production.  When Luis comes up with a runner on second, the outfield has no respect for his power so they play so shallow that there is no way a single can score the runner.   The same thing happens with a runner on third with less than two outs….no respect for his power, so no chance of a sacrifice fly. 

I’m so sick of this guy and I’m so sick of Omar and the Wilpons not eating this contract.  I wanted Orlando Hudson so bad, not because Hudson is a phenomenal player (he’s not) but because the team desperately needs a new voice in the club house.  Furthermore, if you’re going to play Murphy at first, you have to upgrade the power in other areas.  Hudson’s 10 homeruns a year will make him look like A-Rod when compared to Castillo. 

Being a Met fan is so unbearable that I’ve become numb to the 2010 season.  There will be no excitement for Spring Training, zero excitement for the home opener, and I do not expect this squad to be even a .500 team. 

I really hope Daniel Murphy and Luis Castillo have monster years, shut me up, and prove me wrong.  Nonetheless, until Omar Minaya is gone, I expect this Met team will be fighting with the Nationals to not be the cellar-dwellers of the NL East.


  1. OOOF. Harsh words Will. I think Wilpon would rather prudently spend $$ this year, and wait for a much better FA class next year. I don’t blame him. I would give the irish hammer one more season, and see where it goes. I mean, shit, i was willing to trade Cano after that awful 2008 season, but then look what happened in 2009? You just never know with these guys, so at his price, it’s worth giving him a shot. I agree about Castillo, though. I think the O will be fine., or atleast better this year, but it’s the staff that worries me. Everyone after Johan is a question mark, and that could spell disaster vs. heavy hitting NL teams, ie. the Phillies, Cardinals. You might have to suffer through a re-tooling year, but hey, it sucks for that year, but if it means a LEGITIMATE shot at a chip in 2011, wouldn’t you rather that?

  2. I wouldn’t mind re-tooling, if there was a reason to. The Mets have four top of the line players in Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Bay. They have one of the better pitchers in baseball in Santana, and a good closer in K-Rod. This is not the Pittsburgh Pirates who need 6-8 pieces to be a playoff team. If the Mets had a legite #2 starter, and an innings eater like Jon Garland or Jason Marquis and another bat, they’d be a playoff team.

    Adam LaRoche who hit .280 with 24 homeruns last year signed for 4 million dollars. Why didn’t Omar sign him for first base?

    • re-tooling doesn’t mean overhaul the roster. you have good pieces, just need some complimentary pieces.

      • Yeah I was referring to waiting for next year’s FA class instead of going for it all this year. David Wright and Reyes are in their primes. Santana is in his prime as well. K-Rod isn’t getting any younger. The Mets can’t afford to give another season away, and say “hey, there’s always next year.” Three years in a row of downright failure and Omar and the Wilpns seems to not care….

  3. […] no secret how I feel about Daniel Murphy, and once again Jerry and Omar are risking their jobs, in my opinion, with the Irish Hammer.   […]

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