WINN-Win Situation

January 27, 2010

The New York Yankees and veteran outfielder Randy Winn have reportedly agreed to a one year deal worth $2 million.  Prior to this off-season Brian Cashman(General Manager) stated that the Yankees, under the order of the Steinbrenner Bros(Part Owners), would limit their 2010 payroll to $200 million, and with the addition of Winn, and his $ 2 million dollar salary, the Yankees have met that limit. 

With the Yankees done shopping, it looks like Johnny Damon will have to find a home elsewhere.  Possible places he can land include the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds, and neither organization is going to pay him the money he wants.  I hope he learned his lesson– having a grimy agent gets you no where and being greedy leaves you without a job.   

With  all the free agent’s the Yankees have supposedly been interested in this off-season(Chone Figgins, Jim Edmonds, Johnny Damon, Reed Johnson, Etc.), I don’t think Randy Winn was even mentioned in the conversation. The decision seems to have come out of left field(no pun intended), but this acquisition adds more defense, all-around talent and leadership to an already upgraded 2010 Yankee roster. 

Randy Winn started his career in the Tampa Bay Rays franchise from ’98-’02 when they were pitiful, including a 55-106 record in 2002 which is still the worst record in franchise history.  He then moved on the Seattle Mariners who came off a few good years before acquiring Winn, but didn’t have a winning record in either of the two seasons he was there(2003-2005).  Finally, for the last 4 seasons Randy Winn has been a San Francisco Giant and despite a late season rally in 2005, they didn’t see the playoffs either.

With that said, at 35 yrs. old, with 1,601 games under his belt, Dwight Randolph “Randy” Winn has had the misfortune of playing 11 years in the “bigs” without making the post-season once.  Thats makes him the player with the longest post-season drought in Major League Baseball today and I’m sure  Winn is hoping to put an end to that unwanted distinction this year.   

He has a career batting average of .286 with an on-base percentage of .344 and he’s hustled, played consistent scrappy defense, and been a great influence in the clubhouse for every team he’s been on.  Although his slugging percentage and batting average(only .264 last year) have dipped steadily and dramatically over the past few years, I think his leadership and hunger to win will cause him to be a key piece of the New York Yankees puzzle in 2010 .


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