No Molina for you

January 19, 2010

Bengie Molina is still holding out

Update:  1/20/10-

The Giants have signed Bengie Molina to a 1-year, 4.5 million dollar contract.  The Mets offer was rumored to be a 1-year, 5 million dollar contract with incentives and a possible option for a second year.  Interesting…

Original Post:

Buster Olney of ESPN.com reports that free-agent catcher Bengie Molina has turned down the Mets most recent offer, believed to be a two-year contract.  The Mets have now started to focus more on free-agent RHP Joel Pineiro (sigh.)

According to Buster, the Seattle Mariners have now entered the mix for Molina. 

This is particularly confusing considering how close it was reported the Mets and Molina were to a contract.  Mike Francesa of WFAN even commented that the Mets would sign Molina by the end of the week (that was two weeks ago.)  If you remember, big Mike was the first one to report that Bay had signed with the Mets.   

Personally, I wouldn’t mind Bengie on the Mets, but for no longer than two years.  If that fat ass wants more than that, then the f*ck with him and just keep it moving. 

I am not a big fan of Joel Pineiro, although if signed he would probably be the team’s third best starter.  The main question is whether Pineiro’s successful 2009 season should be attributed to the pitcher, or pitching coach Dave Duncan. 

I would much rather the Mets try to trade for Bronson Arroyo, and maybe include Brandon Phillips in the deal who is owed close to $18 million over the next two years.   The Reds just signed Aroldis Chapman, and it has been reported that they desperatly want to dump salary.



  1. First of all, if Omar can pull off that Bronson Arroyo/Brandon Phillips move, that would be a huge step in the right direction for Los Mets. Throw Cincinnati Castillo and a couple worthless prospects, that would work out wonderful for Manaya and the Mets.
    Secondly, Omar better pull of that move so he can redeem himself for once again failing to get the most needed component for his team. As of now Omar Santos and Josh Thole will be splitting time at catcher, both have potential, but I doubt Johan wants to be pitching to either on opening day. Every Francessa listening, ESPN watching, baseball fan knows if Bengie was gonna sign anywhere other than San Fran it was gonna be for 3+ years, but obviously Omar wasn’t aware of that when he offered him a 2 year deal(which Bengie went on to wipe his ass with).
    Is Molina worth 3+ years?
    Not in the slightest bit. He’s obese, has a horrible on base percentage(especially for a catcher),and might be the worst defensive catcher in the league at this point.
    But were the Mets desperate enough to give him 3+ years?

  2. Yeah agreed about Arroyo and Phillips. They would instantly make the Mets a contender in the NL. But, I think the problem for the Mets is Castillo- they just refuse to eat his contract.

    Im not upset at all regarding Molina. I wanted him on the Mets, but he won’t be the reason the Mets make the playoffs nor will he be the reaosn they miss the playoffs.

    Right now the Metropolitans are probably a .500 team with a chance to contend for a wild card. But they definitely need a pitcher or two, and I don’t think Pineiro is the answer.

    I would take a chance on Sheets for 1 year only, because his ceiling is so high.

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