Francesa is embarassing himself

January 19, 2010

One thing that makes writers great, and radio hosts entertaining, is their ability to say or write outlandish things so people either read their articles or call up their show.  What fun would it be if Wallace Matthews always praised the Mets and Yankees? 

Mike Francesa has been the best in the business at sports talk radio show, and currently holds three number one shows — Mike’d up, the NFL Now, and Mike’d up: Francesa on the Fan.  

Despite claiming to not be a Jet hater, Diet Coke’s number one supporter has ripped the Jets over and over and over again ever since the Colts rested their starters late in the third quarter . 

Gang Green did not get any credit for staying in the game against Indy, nor did they receive any credit for embarrassing the Bengals on national TV. 

When the Jets beats Cincinnati for a second straight time, it wasn’t because New York was any good.  No…it was because the Bengals were a shell of their former early season selves. 

Despite being two wins away from the Superbowl, the Jets were merely a 7-7 team (the past three games didn’t count) who allowed the Falcons to score a game-winning touchdown in week 15.   Because we all know week 15 games hold more weight than any other game of the season. 

Up next, Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers.  According to Mike, the Jets could validate their season by defeating a Charger team that had won 11 straight, and had scored at least 20 points in their last 24 games.  This Jet defense, who by the way stinks and being ranked number 1 in 8 different defensive categories is irrelevant because stats never matter, could finally prove themselves against a high-powered offense.  Because, let’s be honest — the Patriots, Saints, and Texans are not great offensive teams by any stretch.  Oh, and holding the Colts to 9 first half points is nothing special because Indy was not even trying. 

As I watched Thomas Jones and the Jets O-line knock the overrated Chargers on their ass to seal an upset win in San Diego, I’m not going to lie – for a second, I thought of Mike Francesa. 

What could this fat piece of sh*t say now!?!?  A smile came to my face, and I thought of all the haters who doubted this team. 

There was nothing left for Mike to do but give Gang Green the credit they deserve, right?  I mean, here’s a team with a ROOKIE quarterback and a FIRST YEAR head coach, one win away from the Superbowl. 

Surely Francesa would stop taunting and playing around with the Jet fans, and eat some crow….right? 


As I listened to Mike this afternoon, it wasn’t how the Jets won the game.  No….in case you didn’t realize, the Chargers actually lost the game.  Yes, there was no winner…just a loser in San Diego. 

The Jets got soooo many breaks, the defense let up 200 yards in the first half, and were lucky to come out of the Whale’s Vagina with a victory.  Likewise, the kicker missed two field goals, and that was the only reason New York was even in the game.   

All jokes and sarcasm aside, I already mentioned the point of Mike’s outrageous rants.  This article is further proof of why Mike is the best at what he does.   However, there comes a point where you just sound idiotic, and come off as a clown. 

As they say in TV world…Mike’d up has jumped the shark. 

What Fatcesa fails to realize is, good teams create breaks.  Sure, Kaeding is a choke-artist and missed two HUGE field goals.  But how about giving some credit to the defense for not allowing touchdowns in those situations?  When you prevent teams from entering the end zone, you set up the potential for missed kicks.   Case closed. 

Ask the Pittsburgh Steelers if they want to give back that win against the Jets in 2005 cause Doug Brien missed two game-winning field goals.  

I’m also sure that the Giants remember the name Scott Norwood.  Remember him, Mike?  He handed the Giants a Superbowl.  Should the G-Men give that one back? 

IN ADDITION, apparently the Chargers didn’t get any breaks against the Jets.  If I remember correctly (and I have a GREAT memory,) didn’t San Diego fumble three different times and recover all three?  How about that for luck????  Did Mike forget when that idiotic referee overturned what was clearly a catch and a fumble?  

EARTH TO MIKE FRANCESA:  When a receiver catches the ball, and takes two steps, that is a football move.  Therefore, that play should have never been overturned. 

In conclusion, I admit that Mike knows a lot about baseball.  It is his first love, and most of the time he is dead-on with his analysis.  Nonetheless, when it comes to football, Mike….YOU KNOW NOTHING. 

It is one thing to be controversial and try to rattle a fan base.  But when you completely embarrass yourself on radio with non sensible comments, your show is officially a joke.

That guy is more listenable….


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