Woodson? Defensive Player of the Year?

January 12, 2010

…you tell him Kanye.

Green Bay Packer cornerback Charles Woodson beat out Darrelle Revis for NFL Defensive Player of the Year, according to the Associated Press. 

Woodson, in voting by a national panel of 50 sportswriters and broadcasters, is only the second Green Bay Packer to win in the 36-year history of the award.

The versatile Woodson tied for the league lead with nine interceptions, returning three for touchdowns, and was a key to the Packers’ turnaround on defense.  His role in Green Bay’s performance — second in the league in overall defense, first in interceptions (30), takeaways (40) and turnover margin (plus-24) — earned Woodson 28 votes Tuesday from a nationwide panel of 50 sportswriters and broadcasters who cover the NFL.  



The 1997 Heisman Trophy recipient is the first cornerback chosen as the top defensive player since Deion Sanders in 1994.

“Any time you go out there on the field, you go out there to win the game, of course,” Woodson said, “but you go out there to be consistent and a reliable player. And that’s what that award is. You go out there, you can make plays and can continue to make them through the season and you’re mentioned as far as being Defensive Player of the Year, you know you’re doing some things right.”

Woodson also had 63 unassisted tackles and 18 assists, according to the Packers, plus 21 passes defensed, four forced fumbles and one recovery, two sacks for 18 yards and three quarterback hits.

In his third season, Darrelle Revis established himself as the league’s premier cornerback, taking away such prime threats as Steve Smith, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Marques Colston. He had six picks, returning one for a TD.

Rex Ryan in today’s media session was not a big fan of the outcome, to put it lightly. 

“I wasn’t going to comment on it,” Ryan told reporters. “But I would like to congratulate the people that voted for Darrelle Revis. These guys obviously really know the game. And you’ve got to look at all the numbers, not just a number about this, or this stat or that stat.”

Ryan also had high praise for Revis.

“For me, this is the best year a corner has ever had, the most impact a corner has ever had in the National Football League. That’s my opinion. But apparently that wasn’t the opinion of everybody who voted.”

OK…I get it.  Woodson had some gaudy stats, and definitely impacted the game a great deal.  But better than Revis?  More impact on the game than Revis?  Oh hell no….

Charles Woodson benefited from playing in a system that called for him to play zone on numerous occasions.  It also didn’t hurt that he was in a division with the Lions and Jay Cutler.   Woodson is not capable of playing man coverage with the elite wide receivers that Revis had to face (see tape from this past weekend.)  

Darrelle Revis did not allow Randy Moss (twice), Terrell Owens (twice), Steve Smith, Roddy White, Chad Johnson (twice), Marques Colston, Andre Johnson, and Mike Sims-Walker (am I missing any?) to get more than 35 yards on him. 

That is just incredible…Woodson on the other hand couldn’t cover my grandmother in a wheelchair searching the ground for loose pennies. 

Tim Graham of ESPN wrote an interesting post in his AFC East blog regarding Woodson and Revis. He used a stat called “the burn percentage,” which is passes on target divided by passes caught, to measure CBs.

Revis, of course leads the league at 37.0 (40 catches, 108 targets, 439 yards and 2 touchdowns) versus Woodson at 47.7 (40 catches, 84, 560 yards and 6 touchdowns). 

That’s really bad for Woodson.

What makes it worse, both Lito Sheppard and Dwight Lowery scored better than Woodson.

This award is totally misnamed. It should be called the defensive player who produces the best stat line of the year because Charles was not a better defender than Revis. Not even close.

In closing, I congratulate Charles Woodson on his bogus award and hope he cuddles with it on Sunday around 4:30 pm.



  1. What about DeMarcus Ware? He was brought off the field in a cart and helped Dallas beat New Orleans five days later!

    • I’d be a fool to say Ware isn’t a beast, but he was almost invisible the first four games and had only 57 tackles for the season. Didn’t impact the game as much as Revis….

  2. What about the Thundercat on the Bengals? He makes tackles and has the best hair do.

  3. DeMarcus Ware? He wasn’t even on the radar for Defensive Player Of The Year, not to mention he’s a Dallas Cowboy. Cowboys dont deserve awards, unless the award is for being a fag.
    How about Elvis Dumervil with an impressive 17.5 sacks?
    If Denver didn’t shit the bed down the stretch I think Revis and Woodson would both be crying as they watch Dumervil collect the award.

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