January 12, 2010


As if every “baseball watching” person with a brain wasn’t aware  that Mark McGwire cheated and used anabolic steroids for most of his career, he decided to finally admit it.  This shady decision to let the public know the truth cemented his face on the Mt. Rushmore of steroids, along side Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens and many more. 

Having lived much of his post-career life under a rock somewhere, he never had a reason to entertain the allegations, other than telling a grand jury ” he didn’t want to talk about the past.”  So, why now?  Maybe because he was hired by the St. Louis Cardinals as their new hitting coach two months ago and he knows he’s going to be bombarded with questions whether he admits it or not.  Do you think he would have admitted he’s a pathetic cheater if he wasn’t back in the spotlight? 

“It’s time for me to talk about the past and to confirm what people have suspected. I used steroids during my playing career and I apologize,” McGwire said in a statement released through the Cardinals.  “I wish I had never touched steroids. It was a mistake. I truly apologize. Looking back, I wish I had never played during the steroids era.” 

You’re lucky you played through the steroids era Mark, if it wasn’t for the “needles” nobody would know who you are.  You were a horrible first baseman and have a career batting average of .260. If it wasn’t for those cheesy floaters that just cleared the ballpark walls, you’d be a nobody.

What a surprise, those weak-ass homeruns that you racked up at an unbelievable pace were all due to “juice”.  I watched Roger Maris’ family congratulate you with class after you broke his CLEAN record.  If the Maris family only knew how you were a dirty cheater with no class what so ever.  Do you think Roger was on “roids”?

Doubt it! 

Since 2001 no player has hit 60 HRs and I wouldn’t be surprised if no one ever hits 60 again. 

I’m 26 years old and a huge baseball fan, but when I do the math, at least 13 years of my baseball watching life have been tarnished by the usage of performance enhancing drugs. That is so sad. I feel like asking Bud Selig for reparations for the thousands of hours I spent watching dirty, fake baseball.  I might as well watch the WWE. I guess all I can do is hope this problem can and will be fixed for my children and grandchildren so they’ll be able to watch PURE baseball, the way it should be.


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