David Stern is a ‘tard

January 8, 2010


Two guns up mutha.....

This whole Gilbert Arenas situation is pissing me off.

OK. I get it. You shouldn’t bring guns into a locker room. You probably shouldn’t bring guns anywhere. I mean, if you feel you the need to bring a gun with you for protection, it’s probably a place you shouldn’t be going to in the first place. And throwing up finger pistols after being caught with four guns, and allegedly pulling one out and pointing it at one of your teammates is just straight up idiotic.

But should Gilbert Arenas be suspended indefinitely from the NBA for being a knucklehead?

My answer: a resounding no.

The hypocrisy in this case is baffling.

David Stern is the worst commissioner in sports. Last time I checked, it is a constitutional right to bear arms.  Whether it be two guns or ten guns, there’s no difference; if they were all registered guns, I don’t see the problem.

Second, they were unloaded, in locked cases AND most importantly, no one got hurt! So is it a crime to own guns or have them in a locker room? No, though it probably isn’t smart, it sure as hell isn’t against the law. 

Now let me back track a bit. Pete Rose, baseball’s all-time hit leader, was banned from baseball and the Hall of Fame for life because he gambled on games.  There’s a sign on every clubhouse door underscoring that gambling on baseball will earn you a trip to exile from MLB. It is meant to emphasize that the heaviest punishment — banishment from the game — will be handed down if that rule is broken.

Now, I know you shouldn’t need a sign to tell you that bringing a gun into a locker room is a bad idea, but if there was one — a poster that threatened players with banishment if guns were brought in — do you think Arenas would have done it? 

Pete Rose’s actions are looked at by Commissioner Bud Selig as the most egregious act a ballplayer can commit — worthy of a lifetime ban. But didn’t David Stern say he would be interested in allowing gambling on games if it could increase revenue?

OK, so gambling and possibly ruining the integrity of the game — in the face of the Tim Donaghy scandal, I can’t see how Stern could even mention gambling on games — is OK, but carrying a registered gun is worth taking away Arena’s career?


Stern is just mad because instead of Arenas’ repenting and apologizing for his actions, he made light of them through Twitter  messages and by firing some finger pistols into the air during the pre-game of a recent Wizards game. I actually thought it was hilarious.

If I was Arenas, I would sue. I would sue the league, David Stern and anyone involved. Arenas didn’t do anything bad enough to warrant being banished from the league, without pay, for the rest of his life.

These leagues always handle things ass-backwards. Donte Stallworth killed someone and only got a one year suspension from the NFL. Arenas brought registered guns, without bullets into a locker room, and he gets exiled from the NBA for life? Does that seem fair?

Stern hates that the NBA gets a a bad rap for having hooligans and delinquents parading around as adults in his league, and this is one way for him to fire back…no pun intended.

If I were Stern, Arenas gets a 1-month suspension, without pay. That’s it.


  1. no guns in NBA arenas, events or facilities

  2. As far as im concerned, he should either be suspended indefinitely or not suspended at all. Suspending Arenas for one month serves no purpose, and in my opinion no justice.
    This guys a fool and hes being made an example of by David “Overgrown Earlobes” Stern. Dont forget, this is the same guy(Arenas) who was arrested 5 years ago in Miami during Hip Hop weekend for resisting arrest and damn near insighting a riot which caused multiple injuries. No ones mentioning that shit show now. No remorse for Gilbert over here. Hes another imbecile with a large bank account, and thats a catastrophic problem, not just for the NBA but for sports in general. These guys think they can do whatever they want and have the cash to do it. Their egos have them under the impression that they’re untouchable, and someone needs to prove them wrong. Even if it is one of the scumbag commisioners(Stern, Goodell, or Selig). Sorry Habachi, Plaxico, OJ, PacMan, Maurice Clarett, Jason Williams(can’t think of any baseball players and Hockey doesn’t count), and the rest of the gunslinging morons in sports, but this is what happens when you fool around with guns like they’re toys. You lose your career, your family and/or much worse you life.

    In summary, if your making millions of dollars a year and you feel the need to roll around with 4 or guns on your side, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize you probably need a body guard or some sort of security.

  3. WOW…didnt the plaxico burress incident teach you anything? Arenas is the tard. If I bring a registered gun to work, would I get fired? Arenas deserves everything coming to him. Does he really feel the need to bring a gun to the lockeroom? What the fuck is it for? You’re on an NBA team, that travels with boat loads of security. I ask again, what is the gun for? Is he afraid for his life?

    And then to joke about it during the team picture and virtually spit in the face of the commish? Sure, I laughed my ass of when I saw it, but how dumb and ignorant is this guy? Arenas is the biggest idiot in sports…case closed.

  4. guy literally shot himself in the foot

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