You can’t stop Krpto-Nate

January 6, 2010

Step inside the booth and loosen up the tie

When Nate Robinson was benched for a month and some change, I felt like the only Knick fan that wanted him back in the rotation. Sure the Knicks were winning and had their best month since 2004, but I thought that Nate was an integral part of the current Knick team and should have played regardless.

He is undoubtedly an athletic freak of nature that can carry a team offensively despite his small frame, and the Knicks will need him during the course of the season for some firepower off the bench. Though Mike D tried to play Nate like Stephon Marbury last year, the Seattle native has kept his mouth shut and has been the first player off the bench to greet his teammates during time outs when he was in the dog house.

Mike D hinted on New Years day that Nate may get some run that evening when the Knicks visited the Atlanta Hawks. Not only did Nate get off the bench he led the Knicks to a victory from a 15 point deficit in the fourth quarter en route to a game high 41 points. Most definitely a game that will go down in Knick history.

So…. let’s all jump back on the bandwagon..HATERS!



  1. Nate had a great game, but like coach said, its been expected of him. If he doesn’t have a big year and help the team. he’s out buddy

    • expected to drop 41 points after not playing for 14 games?? he should and will stay in the rotation if D’anphony wants to win

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