Will the Knicks trade Jared Jeffries??

January 6, 2010

You know I bleed blue...

It was only a couple of months ago when me and our disappearing contributor Chauncey Black were shitting on Indiana native Jared Jeffries on his abysmal play. I clearly remember yelling over the phone, “why the hell is this guy shooting three-point shots when he cant’ hit a damn 8 footer?”

What followed after wards was me cursing Isiah Thomas and rolling up another dutch up to ease my pain of a 1-9 start. Man do things change in an instant. Since then, the talented Mr. Jeffries has become an anchor to the Knick defense, disrupting passing lanes, catching major floor burn and guarding everyone from Derrick Rose to Tim Duncan. He has become a mainstay in Mike D’antonis rotation and has gained this Knicks fans loyalty.

Jared is one of the few Knick players that are signed beyond 2010 and can easily be swapped to another team for an expiring contract to relieve yet more room in the cap for this years off-season. Will it be more important to the Knicks to keep his contract or to dump him so they can get 2 max contracts this summer?

The Knicks are chock full of expiring contracts this summer and not everyone is going to be back. In order to have a team next season the Knicks will need to keep a few of those contracts to possibly surround Lebron James besides Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler.

In my opinion we need to keep Jared Jeffries. He reminds me of a smaller Marcus Camby when he was on the Knicks in 1999. He is tall and lanky, and plays excellent defense. He moves well laterally and can guard all five positions on the court and most importantly the dude plays with heart. He’s received god knows how many elbows to face already this season and has yet to miss any games. He compliments David Lee’s blue-collar play with his ability to always be where the action is on the court, if he’s not playing defense he’s always around the basket looking for easy rebounds and put-backs. The guy is however far from an offensive specialist, but he has the ability to handle the ball and move it to the front court like a point guard.

He can very well be an important piece of the puzzle if the Knicks want to progress back to title contenders. His attitude and veteran experience will be an asset to any ball club looking to go deep into the playoffs. If he can continue his strong play and stay away from injuries, Donnie Walsh should nix any deal involving the scrappy hard-nosed small forward.


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