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December 30, 2009

Darrelle Revis deserves Defensive Player of the Year

Escaping Revis Island in 2009 has been a daunting task for opposing wide receivers.  

“I went back and looked and I was going to be subtle about this, but if Revis is not the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, something is wrong with the system,” Rex Ryan said. “Nobody, and I mean nobody, in maybe the history of the game has had the challenges that he’s faced week in and week out.” 

Darrelle Revis, who has six interceptions and an NFL-leading 36 passes defended in his third season, has routinely shut down opposing teams’ top receivers such as New England’s Randy Moss, Buffalo’s Terrell Owens, Carolina’s Steve Smith and Houston’s Andre Johnson.  Even in what Revis described as his worst game of the season, he held Reggie Wayne to two catches for 21 yards when the Colts starters were in the game.  


“Look at the fact that he’s out there on an island one-on-one and teams still can’t throw that way,” Ryan said. “If they do, it’s a mistake. It’s amazing. He deserves it, and he’s on the No. 1 defense in the league.” 

Green Bay’s Charles Woodson, New Orleans’ Darren Sharper and Denver’s Elvis Dumervil are thought to be among Revis’ main competition for the honor, which is awarded by The Associated Press and selected by a nationwide media panel. Only four cornerbacks have won it since 1973, and none since San Francisco’s Deion Sanders in 1994. 

While those players have certainly had impressive seasons, none of them have impacted the game like No. 24.  

Charles Woodson definitely has the stats – 8 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, and 2 sacks – but plays more as a safety due to his inadequate cover skills.  Sure he’s a playmaker, but in the three Packer games I have seen this year, Woodson has been continually burned by opposing Quarterbacks and receivers.  

Ryan was reminded of Woodson, but failed to give him the nod over Revis.  

“Charles can’t go out on a corner like this guy can,” he said. “He can move inside and he can blitz. Revis would be a great blitzer, but I’ve got the best cover guy in America sitting over here, so he’s going to be covering. He’s not blitzing.” 

Ryan also coached Ray Lewis and Ed Reed in Baltimore when they won the award, but thinks Revis is the best defensive player he has ever coached. 

“Of course, those guys deserve those awards, but I don’t think those guys even had the impact that Darrelle Revis has had on this football team,” Ryan said. “I think that’s why, I’ll get off my soapbox, he’s earned that award. It’s not right on my part to stand up here and not maybe try to sell that to the public. He’s earned this.” 

A closer look at the stats shows just how dominant “Baby Lock-down” has been this season. 

Statistics that Revis allowed in 2009, while playing man-to-man coverage.
Player Team Receptions Yards TD INT
Andre Johnsonb Houston Texans 4 35 0 0
Randy Mossb New England Patriotsc 4 24 0 1
Justin Gage Tennessee Titansc 4 37 0 0
Marques Colston New Orleans Saintsc 2 33 0 0
Ted Ginn Miami Dolphins 2 57 1 0
Terrell Owensb Buffalo Bills 3 13 0 0
Louis Murphy Oakland Raiders 4 58 0 1
Davone Bess Miami Dolphins 4 18 0 0
Mike Sims-Walker Jacksonville Jaguars 3 49 0 0
Randy Mossab New England Patriotsc 5 34 1 0
Steve Smithb Carolina Panthersc 1 5 0 2
Terrell Owensab Buffalo Bills 3 31 0 1
Antonio Bryant Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 22 0 1
Roddy Whiteb Atlanta Falcons 2 16 0 0
Reggie Wayneb (removed during third quarter) Indianapolis Coltsc 2 21 0 0
Chad Ochocincob Cincinnati Bengalsc 0 0 0 0


What is even more impressive is what those same wide receivers have done in games not played against Revis and the Jets.  Andre Johnson has scored 15 touchdowns this season and has average over 100 yards receiving per game, but had just 35 yards against Revis.  Likewise, Randy Moss has 13 touchdowns, averaging 80 yards per game, but was held to just 58 yards in two games.  T.O? Steve Smith? Marques Colston?  Pretty much the same story…. 

“He’s the best guy I’ve faced this year,” Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White said of Revis following the Falcons’ 10-7 victory on Sunday. “He’s always around you. He’s like a gnat. He never gets away from you.”
“I’m lost on Revis Island,” added Chad Ochoc, I mean Chad Johnson.  “I said I would change my name back if Revis shut me down, so on Saturday i’ll be introduced as Chad Johnson.  Revis is unbelievable.” 
If Revis doesn’t win this award, there is something wrong….

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