Ohhh the pain!!!

December 21, 2009

How much more can Jet fans take?  I mean, honestly….how many other ways are there to lose an NFL game?

The Jets, winners of three straight, dropped a heartbreaking game to the Atlanta Falcons, after their top ranked defense couldn’t stop the Dirty Birds on 4th and goal from the Jets 6 yard line.  Gang Green did a great job containing Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and in particular Tony Gonzalez the entire game, but failed to execute once again in the games waning minutes. 

As a life-long Jets fan, can it get any worse? 

The Jets could not run the ball effectively all game, and relied on Sanchez to make some plays.  He hooked up with Braylon Edwards on a beautiful bomb for six points in the 1st quarter, but for the most part did not do much.  Furthermore, Gang Green once again failed to capitalize on great field position, and could not convert on three separate field-goal attempts.  One was blocked, one was wide right, and on the other occasion Kellen Clemens fumbled the snap.  I mean, you can’t make this sh*t up!!!!

Despite all the missed opportunities, the stupid personal foul penalties, and the dumb Head Coach proclaiming the season over after the game, the Jets are very much alive in the playoff race. 

See the breakdown below-

First and foremost, the Jets must beat the Colts and Bengals.  I’d give them about a 7% shot at doing that, but crazier things have happened.  If Gang Green somehow wins both games, there is a very good chance they will be the 5 seed. 

Miami must lose to Pittsburgh or the Texans….very possible

Jacksonville must lose at New England or at Cleveland…highly likely

Denver must lose at Philadelphia or at home vs. Kansas City….could happen

Baltimore must lose at Pittsburgh…there’s a shot. 

If all that happens, and the Jets, Ravens, Steelers, and Broncos finish at 9-7, the Jets get the 5 seed.  The Dolphins and Jaguars would be eliminated because of their 8-8 record.  The Titans and Texans lost to the Jets, so even at 9-7 they are done.  The Ravens would cancel out the Steelers due to divisional record.  It would then come down to common opponent between the Jets, Broncos, and Ravens considering all three teams would have the same conference record.  The Jets, in common opponents, would be 4-1, the Ravens 1-3, and the Broncos 2-3.   

The Jets would be the 5 seed and take on either New England and Cincy. 

So, no Rex Ryan…the season isn’t over you fat piece of sh*t.  How can we expect the players to give it their all if the head coach proclaims the season done in week 15?


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