The top 10 athletes of the 2000’s….No. 4

December 18, 2009

Most deadly on the court

There haven’t been too many NBA players who have come close to matching the dominance and achievements of Michael Jordan, but the number 4 athlete has certainly thrown his hat into the ring.  Straight out of High School, this NBA star has won rings, MVP’s, and scoring titles and is considered one of the most complete players in NBA history.  He has been elevated to every All-NBA team this decade, and has been featured in every NBA All-star game.  Often criticized off the court for being an unsavory character, nobody can deny the legacy the number 4 athlete continues to build while still playing in the prime of his career. 

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is a prolific scorer, averaging 25.1 points per game for his career, along with 4.6 assists, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.5 steals.   He has exceptional ball-handling skills and utilizes his speed and athletic ability to elude defenders to finish at the basket. In addition, he is also a standout defender, having made the All-Defensive first and second team nine of the last ten seasons.

This decade, Kobe won four NBA titles, was the NBA Finals MVP in 2009, the League MVP in 2008, and was a two-time scoring champion.  Furthermore, he holds 9 NBA records and shares two others.   Bryant became the youngest player to score 15,000 points, 18,000 points,  20,000, 23,000, and 24,000 points.  Likewise, he obtained over 30 Los Angeles Lakers franchise records this decade. 

While his dominance in the regular season is unmatched, his playoff performances have been legendary.  In the 2000’s, he averaged an astonishing 28.4 points per game in the playoffs, as well as 5.7 rebounds and 5.4 assists.   Many doubted whether he could win a ring without the help of Shaquille O’Neil, and the Black Mamba silenced everyone with a Championship in 2009.  He was the first player since Jerry West in the 1969 NBA Finals to average at least 32.4 points and 7.4 assists for a series and first since Michael Jordan to average 30 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists for a title-winning team. 

Kobe Bryant has dealt with critics his entire career, and even had to deal with a Sexual Assault allegation.  Whereas some players might crumble under constant pressure and attention, Bryant excelled and became one of sports most prolific players.  Few have obtained both regular season and postseason success in the 2000’s, as Kobe Bryant became a human high-light reel for the sports world to enjoy.   I tip my cap…

Honorable mention: 

Today’s honorable mention has been ranked number 1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association on five separate occasions.  Serena Williams has been a force in Women’s Tennis since making her debut in 1995.  This decade, she won 13 individual Grand Slam Championships and three other major tournaments.  By winning the 2003 Australian Open, Serena became the fifth woman to hold all four Grand Slams at once.  She has been the dominant woman athlete of the 2000’s, and I had to pay respect.


  1. mamba….. i like it… pacquiao better be on this list or ima have to do this over lol

  2. LOL…I think you’re going to be dissapointed. Pacquiao only dominant for second half.

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