Winter of Discontent….

December 15, 2009

We gotta do better than this

Maybe the winter is just starting but in the baseball world it’s almost over. Pitchers and catchers will begin reporting to sunny locales at the end of February and position players will be there soon after. The Mess, sorry I mean the Mets have yet to make a splash, let alone a ripple in this years free-agent market after losing 90 plus games last season. According to sources, the Phillies have signed Roy Halladay and John Lackey is headed to Boston. The Mets have sent offers to left fielder Jason Bay and catcher Bengie Molina, but have yet to receive acceptances.

I don’t understand the method to Mr. Minayas madness to be quite honest. Johan Santana has been plauged with no run-support and a hapless bullpen since he’s arrived in Flushing with no help in sight. He is arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball and plays in one of its biggest markets. We can say that last season was filled with injuries and that they will be in better shape offensively this year with a healthy, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and possibly Carlos Delgado. However, why hasn’t there been any moves towards starting pitching or bullpen help??

The Mets pitching staff as a whole posted a 4.46 ERA last season, which is ranked twelfth among 16 NL teams. They won a measly 70 games and were ranked third to last in walks. GM Omar Minayas first move was to sign a catcher who doesn’t want to play here, and made decent at best offers to position players Molina and Bay, while Philadelphia may have ensured a third World Series appearance. I forgot to mention that the cross-town rival Yankees signed Curtis Granderson only a few weeks removed from their 27th title.

Met fans will not be happy if this winter ends without the signing of a legitimate number two starter and a power hitting outfielder at least. The Mets are in dire need of both in order to be somewhat competitive next year. In this decade this ball club alone has lost a World Series, missed a World Series and blew two golden chances to get into the playoffs.

As the Phillies and Yankees add pieces to make another run at a title, the Mets need to show some balls and do the same. Or else this winter of discontent will be around through the dog days of summer.



  1. Its about time to take a risk and sign Ben Sheets. The guy is always hurt, but his ceiling is very high. Sign him to an incentive contract and hope for the best. There is no point in overpaying for mediocre pitchers such as Pineiro and/or Marquis. Sign Jason Bay, but fuck Bengie Molina if he wants a three year contract.

  2. really Ben Sheets? could be a gamble but i’d take him for an incentive laden contract… need Holliday or Bay baddddddd… i agree, definitely do not sign mediocrity for the sake of signing them.. what could it hurt to have Molina for 3 season?

  3. yeah man..Ben muthafuccing Sheets. Give him a 1 year, 5 million dollar contract with some incentives…the guy when healthy is a BEAST. Id much rather sign him for that than give Joel Pineiro a 4 year 45 million dolalr contract.

    Omar has to earn his paycheck now….trade for Oswalt, trade for Carlos Zambrano. DO SOMETHING!! WE NEED A NUMBER 2 STARTER!!!

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