Know your NYC Hoop History…The Cage

December 15, 2009

And Oneeeeeee!!!

The basketball gods dropped an asphalt heaven right on earth, the West 4th courts simply known as the “Cage” hosts NYC’s only summer time basketball tournament that runs seven days a week, from Memorial day to Labor day. It is a tradition that has carried on since 1977.

The famous Cage got its name from the sidelines bounded by a chain linked fence spanning 20 feet high and the rough New York style of play needed to survive inside. One former player remembers, “If you couldn’t play at West 4th Street, you couldn’t play anywhere. People came to West 4th to get their respect.” Smaller than most courts, the Cage requires teams to effectively execute discipline and control, while maintaining the rapid momentum of the game. Spectators have the option of watching from outside the fence where they can literally coach or heckle players making them (spectators) feel as though they are part of the game. Seating is limited inside the Cage, but the games are so popular people have been known to climb and sit on the fence.

West 4th Street was recently named the number-one playground court in America. The tournament has been featured in one of PlayStation 2’s hottest games, movies, Sports Illustrated, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, ESPN, MTV, MSG, The New York Daily News, The New York Times, The New York Post, Dime Magazine, Bounce Magazine and countless other media forums. NBA players Mario Elie, Anthony Mason, Rod Strickland, Jason Williams, Stephon Marbury, and Smush Parker all defined their games at West 4th Street. It has established worldwide recognition and continues to be one the most popular basketball courts in the world.

The Cage

West Fourth Street and 6th Avenue

New York, New York

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