Magic says King will change Courts

December 12, 2009

Magic n' Mike

via New York Post

Magic Johnson was asked where he expects LeBron James to wind up next summer.

“I think he’s going to go to New York,” said Johnson.

“They’re in the lead, they just have to make it [attractive] for him,” Johnson said. “LeBron will come to New York if he knows they’re gonna win …. So, if they sign a free agent first, that would probably seal the deal, I believe. They should have somebody else on their radar to make him want to come.”

Johnson advises a pairing with a free-agent other than Dwyane Wade because he does not believe two superstar wing players can share the ball.

“He could really be a ‘King’ if he could revitalize the Knicks,” Johnson said. “You got some of the best basketball fans in the world, and now you could be responsible for bringing a championship back to New York. Now, it’s gonna take a few years, because you still gotta add more pieces. He’s got more talent in Cleveland, but he can do more incredible things in New York.”

Johnson thinks James should sign a short-term contract to keep his options open for the future.

“I would say for [James], and knowing what he wants to accomplish, if he said he wants to be a billionaire, or close to it, you gotta go to New York,” Johnson said. “And I would tell him this: ‘Wherever you go, sign for three or four years, and then look at the situation. If you don’t like it, you could go somewhere else.’

“I think he’s looking at the Knicks very, very hard. He really probably wants to go to New York, but I think he’s gonna see what both teams end up doing, who has the most talent.”


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