Momma didn’t raise no fool…

December 11, 2009


Omar Minaya has one more chance to get this right.


Does Omar Minaya take Mets fans for idiots?

Four years at $65 million for Jason Bay? Is he serious?

An offer like that is not only egregious, but a spat in the face of Mets fans, and an equally saliva-filled loogie in the eye of Bay.

Now, you can take Minaya’s offer two ways: One is that he doesn’t want to set the market price too high for Bay, and would rather try to get a bargain deal for him, similar to last year’s negotiations with Frankie Rodriguez. So Minaya shoots low in hopes that he can possibly sign Bay to a reasonable contract. Or, you can view the offer as smoke and mirrors for Mets fans.

I’ll choose the latter.

Did Omar Minaya really think Jason Bay would accept an offer that was only $1.25 million more per year than the Red Sox offer? If he did, then maybe Minaya is the idiot. 

Why would Bay go to a team that a) had 90-plus losses b) plays in a cavernous park that eats up everyone’s power — including David Wright’s — for merely a couple dollars more, when he could play in the tiny confines of Fenway Park — where left field is tiny —  for a team that he’s already experienced success with?

Bay wouldn’t accept that offer in a million years, and if I were him, I would sever negotiations with the Mets for low-balling me.

This is just a PR move for the Mets, so when Bay signs elsewhere and Mets fans complain — and rightfully so — that they didn’t get the power bat they needed, Minaya can say, “Well, we offered him the best contract available, and he chose to sign with another team, but we did our best to sign him.”

No, you didn’t Omar. Stop trying to find bargain basement deals. This is the biggest offseason in the last decade for the Mets, and you’re close to screwing the Mets for the next five years.

If Bay is the guy you want, offer him a contract he’ll consider taking. When the Yankees wanted Sabathia, they didn’t wait to see if they could get him on the cheap. They flat out offered him WAY MORE than any other team and landed the big lefty. Ask Yankees fans how that worked out.

Stop trying to save Jeff Wilpon’s money. You have a gorgeous new stadium, your own regional network that pulls in millions in the biggest media center in the world and two of the top 15 players in baseball — sorry Jose Reyes, you just don’t do it for me anymore.

Why is Minaya trying to skimp when they have no margin for error?

Another bad season and everyone — Manuel, Minaya and all his chronies — will be out of jobs. 

So choose wisely Omar. For the true grail brings life, the false one will take it from you.

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