All Quiet on the Western Front

December 9, 2009


We need some help!


via New York Times — 

INDIANAPOLIS — Early Tuesday afternoon, the Mets reminisced for a bit. They recalled past winter meetings that reminded them of this one. The Mets have exchanged trade proposals, met with several agents and discussed parameters for free-agent contracts but are likely to leave here Thursday without having made a major move.

“In an ideal world, you’d like to be able to do something, but it has to be there,” General Manager Omar Minaya said. “So far, it has not been there.”

Aside from last year, the Mets under Minaya rarely make a big splash at the winter meetings because they address their needs earlier in the off-season. So far, they have only re-signed Alex Cora and cornered the market on backup catchers.

Even if there is little momentum building toward an imminent deal, the Mets think they will be able to improve their rotation and find a starting catcher through free agency.

The Brewers have offered the left-hander Randy Wolf a three-year deal, though he has yet to accept it. The Mets view that as a favorable sign — “My understanding is that he’s still on the board,” Minaya said — and would not have discussed contract parameters Tuesday with Wolf’s agent, Arn Tellem, if they did not think they had a chance to sign him. Tellem also represents the right-hander Joel Pineiro, another potential target.

Milwaukee’s offer for Wolf is said to be worth at least $28 million — The Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee reported it at $31 million — and a three-year contract around $10 million annually would almost certainly price him out of the Mets’ range. Minaya said teams searching for pitching seem more inclined than he expected to offer longer and more lucrative contracts, increasing the likelihood that Pineiro and John Lackey would receive even better deals than Wolf. Four years for Pineiro would seem likely, as would five for Lackey.

The Mets had been monitoring pitchers under contract. Minaya confirmed that he checked in with the Detroit Tigers about Edwin Jackson, who went to Arizona in a three-team deal, but sounded more confident the Mets would upgrade their rotation through free agency and not by trade.

On the catching front, the Mets’ two primary options are Bengie Molina and Yorvit Torrealba, with whom the Mets agreed to a three-year contract before the 2008 season only to have it collapse amid concerns about his surgically repaired shoulder. Torrealba appears willing to set aside the players union’s pending grievance against the Mets over that failed deal and weigh their interest against that of the Rockies, who want to re-sign him. He would be a cheaper option than Molina, who does not want a pay cut from the $6 million he was paid last year.

“There seems to be more of an appetite to at least bridge the gap as far as what we think the value of the player is and where some of the agents started in thinking what the value of the player is,” Minaya said.

The pool of available players will expand on Saturday, when players not tendered contracts become free agents, and Minaya said he expected to be active in that realm.

“I think we have a chance to be a player with most of the guys,” Minaya said, adding later: “But I think a lot of clubs are kind of similar to us. We’re kind of just having dialogue, and at some point in time, somebody’s going to step out and there’s going to be a domino effect.”


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  1. Man I have a feeling we’re only going to make some minor moves– signing pineiro, bengie molina, and maybe trading for Cory Hart. Notice how the Mets have brought in all these ex-managers? Jerry will be gone by June (not his fault.)

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