Bronx Bound??

December 8, 2009

Granderson would be a huge pickup

INDIANAPOLIS — The Yankees’ effort to acquire center fielder Curtis Granderson from Detroit intensified yesterday when Arizona joined the process.

Two club sources said the Yankees spent the first day of the Winter Meetings talking to the Tigers and Diamondbacks about the possible blockbuster deal.

According to a Foxsports.com report later confirmed by The Post, the teams discussed a three-way trade that would bring Granderson to The Bronx, send pitcher Edwin Jackson from Detroit and Ian Kennedy from the Yankees to Arizona, and the Tigers would receive right-hander Max Scherzer from Arizona as well outfield prospect Austin Jackson, and left-handed relievers Mike Dunn and Phil Coke from the Yankees.

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  1. BOOOOOO….Granderson has fallen off pretty hard. Dude has become a defensive liability, strikes out a ton, and hits on the interstate against lefties. He hits home runs, but do the Yankees really need even MORE power?

  2. 25 homeruns to right field.. he’s gonna have a field day in Yankee stadium

  3. word he’s definitly going to hit some jacks, just can’t play him against lefties.

    I don’t think its a bad trade because the Yankees gave up two nobodies and one good prospect, but it’s nothing great, imo.

    Better than what the Mets have done so far though! Omar, are you alive????

  4. […] Yankees are on the verge of acquiring  Curtis Granderson, an All-Star in 2009 who may be the center fielder the Yankees have been looking for since the […]

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