The good, the bad and the ugly

December 7, 2009


Louis Murphy celebrates after his game-winning touchdown against the Steelers.


The Jets  were able to rest up on Sunday after they beat the Buffalo Bills 19-13 Thursday night in Toronto. They were also able to pick up a couple of much needed victories in week 13. Gang Green is still not in good shape, as they hold a 2-4 division record and five conference losses, so a lot of scenarios will still have to unfold for the Jets to make the playoffs. Nonetheless, some things worked in the Jets favor on Sunday and some did not. 

The good-

The Dolphins were able to come back on Tom Brady and the Patriots for a 22-21 victory that dropped New England to 7-5, and just one game up on the Jets. The Pats defense once again looked to be on shaky ground, and it was reported that Brady has a finger injury. The pretty boy was pretty effective, nevertheless, but it is still something to keep an eye on moving forward. The Patriots remaining schedule is fairly easy, but with Miami’s win, the Jets still have a shot at the division.  However, they still have to finish one game ahead of New England, as the Pats hold tie-breakers over the Jets. 

It looked like the Steelers could run the table and finish 11-5, but the Raiders thwarted any hopes of that with a 27-24 victory. Pittsburgh’s defense showed once again that they cannot play without Troy Polamalu, and at 6-6 are tied with the Jets.  The Steelers remaining schedule is very easy, including a Thursday night game this week at Cleveland, but if the black and gold can’t beat Oakland at home, then there are certainly no gimmies anymore. 

Also, if you thought the Titans could run the table and finish at 10-6, then it was good news to see them lose to the Colts.  The Tennessee loss also moved the Colts one step closer to securing the No. 1 seed, allowing them to possibly rest players when they face the Jets in week 16.

The bad-

I already told you how Miami’s victory over the Patriots kept the Jets alive in the division. Well, it also kept the Dolphins breathing in the wild-card race, and they have already beaten the Jets twice. Gang Green would have to finish ahead of Miami, who plays at Jacksonville next week. The Dolphins remaining schedule is very difficult — they have to travel to Tennessee and conclude the season with two home games against the Texans and Steelers. 

Also hurting the Jets wild-card hopes Sunday were the Denver Broncos, who defeated the Chiefs in a laugher, 44-13.  Denver now sits at 8-4 and in firm control of a playoff berth. The Broncos still have home-games left with the Raiders and Chiefs, so 10 wins minimum is likely. 

The ugly- 

What really hurt the Jets on Sunday was those pesky Jaguars who improved to 7-5 with a win over the Texans. Jets fans needed Houston to win that game because New York already beat the Texans and lost to the Jaguars. The winning 80-yard drive that killed the final 5:04 in the Meadowlands on November 15 could come back to haunt the Jets more than they originally thought. 

Final thoughts:

It is pretty unlikely that the Jets will run the table, finish at 10-6 and qualify for the playoffs. As a wise Sensei once told me, “don’t get false hope…that way you’re not dissapointed in the end.”  You don’t have to worry about me because I am a pessimist when it comes to the Jets. I fully expect them to lose Sunday at Tampa and end all playoff dreams. However, a win against the Bucs, and New York then has a home-game against the injured dirty-birds. If they win there, 8-6 heading into the final two weeks will make things interesting. They have to travel to Indy, but will the Colts rest players?  Probably not, but one can dream.  If everything falls into place, the Jets could be 9-6 heading into the final week at home against the Bengals. 

Hey, crazier things have happened…..

The AFC wild-card with four weeks to go:

Team-                                                    Next Week-

Denver (8-4)                                         @ Indianapolis

Jacksonville (7-5)                                   vs. Miami

Baltimore (6-5)  at GB tonight                 vs. Detroit

Miami (6-6)                                           @ Jacksonville

Pittsburgh (6-6)                                     @ Cleveland (Thurs.)

Jets (6-6)                                              @ Tampa Bay

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