What was Tiger thinking?

December 3, 2009

This wasn't good enough for Tiger.

After reading that every skeezer west of the Mississippi got raunchy with Tiger Woods, I felt compelled to see what he was cheating on. It’s safe to say, Elin Norderen is superb, and Tiger is a raging ‘tard.

Debate after the jump.

                                                                                                                                                                Is there a debate?

Tiger Woods baby momma, Elin Nordegren

Or this scuzzy?




  1. Elins weak so are these scallywags… wheres Rachel at?

  2. I had the same opinion, but my buddy summed it up for me – “For every great looking woman, there is a guy who’s tired of fucking her…”

    • for every good looking guy, there is a woman who gets bored of them and their egos.

  3. Tiger Woods is an idiot. Someone should take a chainsaw to his balls.

    • You must have never been with a beautiful woman before. they can be real bitches and then some.
      Plus she knew Tiger was a cheater before they got married. So it’s her fault for thinking he was going to quit.

  4. Just because a Person (male or female)are Beautiful or Handsom doesn’t mean they have good personality, BUT instead their ego,snubish or conceided,controlling. shows up after honeymoon period or having children.: Besides not knowing how to make love to their partner or know how to have sexual pleasures with partner oner longer period of time…AS a male model and stage and films actor I’ve dated Beautiful Models and Actresses and found that a whole lot of then are into them-selves and their image that public or themselves portrayed…I had BETTER Experiences in all AREAS previous mention above with longer period and more times doing it with regular/common persons that most of us (98%) would consider dating….WE DON”T know what goes on behind Close DOORS….

  5. Remember this, No matter how good she looks, somewhere there’s somebody tired of putting up with her crap!

  6. Elin is a SLUT, What will her children think of her once they get older? She is a f— golddigger. She needs to take some of Tigers money she got from h8im and fix her teeth. Buck-teeth HO

  7. Wow… such an unhappy life for men with this opinion. They’ll never be satisfied… everything is so physical and nothing internal. Hopefully they have hobbies or do drugs or something to fulfill them… ?

  8. Wow unclemeat… such an unhappy life for men with this opinion. They’ll never be satisfied… everything is so physical and nothing internal. Hopefully they have hobbies or do drugs or something to fulfill them… ?

  9. She may look hot guys with your things hanging out of your pants. But behind closed doors she could have been a real bitch and very demanding. I was with someone like that so don’t be thinking with your dicks.

  10. Those images of Elin’s are heavily retouched. They were shot by professional photographers and skillfully manipulated.

  11. tiger is an idiot elins almost a perfect 10 so damm hot she is and look at the skanks he was screwing around with whata dope

  12. You know what they say – To you the girl is hot – to someone else – she’s a bitch.

  13. You are very HOT.

  14. I’ve had much better. Thank you. I am so blessed.

  15. there are some nice topless pics of elin at http://urloo.com/QHi0

  16. fruitful

  17. I’m thinking that perhaps theres just a chance that Elin doesn’t know much about how to keep a man happy…
    Granted, had he not strayed, perhaps ignorance is bliss so they say. One day you are driving around a nice volks, then you get offered and subsequently plant your seat in a Bugatti Veyron and your life tilts, never to be the same again. Who hasn’t experienced the difference between a 1 and a 10 in the sack? Sorry Elin…

  18. maybe he got tired of hard silicone boobs?? but I guess he paied those for her after the kids came,)

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