A sign of the times

December 3, 2009

Wayne Chrebet's alma-mater is dropping its football program

Hofstra University is dropping its football team, citing high costs and low interest from the college community.  

“The money is not coming in, and we’re putting too much out,” said university president Stuart Rabinowitz.  “The choice was painful but clear.”

He continued to add that low attendance, poor support from boosters, and overall costs of running a football program factored into the decision.  The announcement follows a two-year review of sports spending at Hofstra. Rabinowitz says there are no plans to cut any other sports at the Long Island school.

Hofstra is the second CAA school to drop its football program, as Northeastern dropped football last week. 

Hofstra football has been around for over 60 years on Long Island, and has produced current and former NFL stars such as Wayne Chrebet and Marques Colston.  It has always been a staple of living on Long Island, and I am sad to see it go.  Some of my friends have family members on the current team, and I know others that have played for the Pride. 

Truly a sad day for Long Island.


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  1. what about Giovanni Carmazzi? hahaha… thats terrible

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