Let’s Get It On!!!

December 2, 2009

Boxing's mega powers will collide!

The proposed super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather is getting closer.

Mayweather agreed to terms for the welterweight title bout on Tuesday, multiple sources with knowledge of the negotiations told ESPN.com.

The proposed date is March 13, although there is a chance it could move to May 1, sources said. Mayweather, according to a source close to him, is OK with either date.



  1. let’s get ready to rumble.. Jerry Jones is making a play to host this joint in the new stadium. If the Steinbrenners dont beat him out Ima be tight son… if this fight happens in NYC… WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

  2. yo…jedi…you need to write a post about your boy pacquiao running for congress in the Philippines! i thought you would be all over that!

  3. lmao… i was thinking about it… but me like most Filipinos dont really want this dude doing that.. he lost the congressional seat already last year and the last thing the PI needs is an athlete making decisions for the people of the country…

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