Know your NYC Hoop History…Long live the Kingdome

December 1, 2009

Harlem's Legendary Basketball Court

Nestled between the Martin Luther King housing projects in Harlem New York is a outdoor basketball court that has seen the likes of Walter Berry, Ed Pinckney, Rafer Altston and Ron Artest grace its court. For 25 years, the Kingdome pro-league has been a summer time ritual in the heart of Harlem. Its tournament more commonly known as the Kingdome classic, brings together the country’s finest young b-ball talent and its fair share of stars.

“People were in trees, on top of the buildings, it was crowded, it was almost being like inMadison Square Garden.” says Earl Washington, a former Syracuse basketball star hailing from Brownsville Brooklyn.

The Kingdome gives off an electricity not seen in your normal run of the mill playground court. On any given Saturday night, you can catch an NBA player or a hip-hop mogul or two jostling for position with local neighbors to get a better view of the action. There is no ticket required for entry, but having a connection or living in the housing complex are the only ways to secure a seat for the evening activities.

No one could have said better it than Jay-Z, Long Live the Kingdome……..


115th Street between Malcolm X Boulevard and 5th Avenue, New York City, New York

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