Ewing says he would coach Nets

November 30, 2009


The original True Warrior

NEW YORK- After the Magic beat the Knicks last night former Knick center Patrick Ewing was asked about the possibility of him coaching the Nets after Lawrence Frank was fired.

“Of course,” Ewing said , “I would be back home. I still live in New Jersey. I just want an opportunity. Yes, I would love to coach the Nets.”

Ewing who is currently the assistant coach for the Orlando Magic has been credited for helping Dwight Howard improve his overall game has made it clear in the past that he wants a chance to be a head coach in the future. He was greeted with cheers last night when he was introduced by the PA announcer.

Ewing was hurt two summers ago when Knick GM Donnie Walsh did not reach out to him for an interview when Isaiah Thomas was relieved from his duties.

Although it would take much more than Ewing to improve the 0-17 Nets, it would be great to see the big fella get a chance to run a team.





  1. right. that’s all i need now to end my life as a knick fan. nets get lebron, chris bosh, john wall in the draft and then p ewing coaching lol.

  2. Nets Next Season

    Devin Harris
    Lebron James
    Chris Bosh
    Brook Lopez

    Head coach- Patrick Ewing

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