Hottest Baseball Wives No. 6 — Heidi Hamels

November 28, 2009

Heidi Hamels, also known as Heidi Strobel, is a Playboy model and gained fame on CBS’s reality series,”Survivor” when she notoriously stripped naked in return for a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I actually thought Cole Hamels was a pole-smoker, but this chick is pretty hot, so props to the girliest looking pitcher in MLB.

Hot ass after the jump.

In all honesty, I thought Cole Hamels was gay.



  1. o lord…he is …he pays her to keep quiet

  2. Heidi Hamels is a bad ass chick.

  3. wheres her booty lol

  4. this looks like a boy with long hair

  5. LOL that is not her best picture but I sat two rows behind her at a Mets-Phillies game and shes stunning.

  6. i looked long and hard for an ill pic of this chick, and that was the best I could find. Mad pics of her fully clothed…boo… better ones to come.

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