Shelley Duncan is an ex-Yankee

November 27, 2009


Shelley Duncan was let go by the Yankees on Friday.



The Yankees have officially let Shelley Duncan go.

According to an article in the NY Post written by George King, the Yankees dropped Duncan, 30, from their 40-man roster. Duncan refused a minor league assignment and will hit the free agent market this December.

I’ll always remember Duncan, more so for his bow-throwing, pyscho-ness more than anything else.

First memory: In a spring training game in 2008, beef popped off between the Rays and the Yanks after the Rays Elliot Johnson trucked then back-up Yankee catcher Francisco Cervelli, injuring him for the remainder of the spring. The next game, Duncan slid into second, spikes up into Akinori Iwamura, which sparked a sick brawl. Rays Jonny Gomes tried to join the party, but Duncan served him up nicely.

Duncan was quoted as saying, “What happened the other day set the tone, showing us how hard they’re going to play. You see their intensity level, you try to match it,” Duncan said. “We need to wake up a little bit. We need to play hard as well.”

I loved that about him.

For a guy who played sparingly, he always had his teammates back.

Duncan, in retaliation, spiked Akinori Iwamura in the sack.

Second Memory: This year, when Jorge Posada got into it with Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Carlson and a brawl ensued, Duncan, who just got the call-up that day from the minors, was seen throwing Blue Jays to the ground, ripping Posada out of the scrum, and then DDT’ing Rod Barajas into the dirt.

Duncan was a tough guy, who you could tell, loved being in Pinstripes.

I wish there were more players with his kind of heart.

 Notes on Shelley Duncan from the NY Post:

This past year he was named International League MVP for hitting .277 and leading the Triple-A league in homers (30) and RBIs (99). In 11 big-league games he batted .200 (3-for-15).

In 68 career games in the majors, Duncan batted .219 (32-for-146) with eight homers, 24 RBIs.



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