Shattered Dreams

November 27, 2009

Thanks for nothing

I waited all day through 2 of the worst football games ever only to find out that the main event would turn into an all out disgrace.

This team was suppose to come out blazing, desperate to regain the swag that has eluded them in the past 6 games.  Last night, we were suppose to watch “Giants football”, you know, that smash mouth running game and a stalwart defense. 

Instead you saw what you’ve seen during the 5 of 6 game losing skid.  A porous defense with zero pass rush, a linebacker and secondary core unable to execute the plays drawn out for them, and an offensive line that no longer pushes people around hence, a completely diminished rushing attack.  Did Brandon Jacobs really rush for 26 yards against the 27th ranked rushing defense in the league?

Mystery right?  Such has been the season for the New York Football Giants.  One big mystery.   Who’s to blame?  I used to say Bill Sheridan, Defensive Coordinator, but now after last night, I’m starting to believe everyone is to blame.  This team flat-out quit last night at the time when they needed to man up and show what they were made of.

No excuses.  No more Kenny Phillips injury excuses (we won the Superbowl with James Butler back there).  Plaxico Burress is somewhere up north eating bologna and cheese for Thanksgiving so don’t look for #17 either.  They are who they are and at this point, they are not a playoff caliber team.  Stranger things have happened, and while they’re still in the hunt, I no longer see the beast in this team to be able to make it.

One comment

  1. join us jet fans…we realized it was over just 4 days ago

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