Will’s Week 12 Football Picks: Thanksgiving Edition

November 25, 2009

in the league where they play….for pay.  (que music)

10 teams, 5 games, 5 lines, 5 picks:  Bet at your own risk!!!

Last week: 2-3

Season: 7-6

Picks after the jump!


Giants @ Broncos:           

 Take the Broncos (+7)

Lions @ Packers:              

 Take the Lions (two weeks in a row!) (+11)

Jaguars @ 49ers:              

Take the Niners (-3)

Cardinals @ Titans:       

Take the Titans (-1.5)

Patriots @ Saints:            

Take the Pats (+3)


That is the Broncos (+7), the Lions (+11), the 49ers (-3), the Titans (-1.5) and the Patriots (+3). 

Happy betting.

One comment

  1. “why would i do my weeken picks be4 injury report on fri”….u are full of shit u know that

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