Spike says Y’all F’ing Up.. wants Allen Iverson

November 25, 2009

I love you man!!

LOS ANGELES- Last night early in the second quarter Knick sideline commentator Tina Cervasio had the pleasure of speaking to both, former Knick nemesis Reggie Miller and current Knick fan Spike Lee. It was your typical conversation with the two celebrity personalities and then Tina asked Spike….

the question after the jump….

“Spike, what free agent would you like to see come to the Knicks next year, Lebron maybe D Wade??”

Lee, beamed into the camera, “I want A.I.”

As soon as those two initials came out of Spikes mouth, Tina quickly ended the conversation and passed the mic back to game announcers Mike Breen and Walt Frazier.

I could not stop laughing after that happened, the interview with the two of them lasted a good 2-3 minutes and it seemed it would go longer if Spike did not utter those letters. James Dolan and Madison Square Garden have strict rules regarding how the Knicks are portrayed during broadcasts and in the media. Knick players and personnel are not even allowed to have one on one interviews with reporters unless there is a Garden P.R. person present.

I guess James forgot to include in the memo that real Knick fans should not be interviewed on live T.V. either.


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