JDs Thanksgiving Picks

November 25, 2009

T.O.N.Y. Sports is not responsible for your betting blunders...

Turkey Picks:

**8-6 overall**

12:00  Greenbay @ Detroit: Detroit for the most part usually shows up on Thanksgiving regardless of how bad the team has performed over the past few years.  The Lions pulled out a gutsy win and  performed exceptionally well against the Browns.  After a shoulder injury, Matt Stafford is more than likely not going to play, but Delonte Culpepper will likely play and be able to keep the Lions in the game. 

The Packers came off a close game against the struggling 49ers and it really is hard to determine which Greenbay team will show up.  However, during that game, the Packers suffered key injuries on defense including Kampman and Harris.  Lions go for 2 in a row on Thursday and just might get it.

Pick: Lions +11

4:15 Oakland/Dallas

Oakland is coming off a very surprising win against the Bengals on Sunday and Dallas too is coming of a win (it was a win but boy did they deserve to lose).  The Dallas offense has been anemic the last few weeks, so the 13.5 pt spread seems a little much.  With Russell being benched, Oakland will have a chance to move the ball and keep up with the Cowboys. 

Pick: Oakland +13.5

8:20 Giants/Denver

Giants are coming into Thursday night off a victory over the Falcons and they looked anything but impressive.   In addition, the Giants will be without Bradshaw leaving too much for Jacobs to handle alone.  Denver is thirsty for a win after going a few weeks without one (this after the 6-0 start).  The Giants probably will squeak out a win, but I am not sure if -7 is a good bet.  The spread without question will go down to 6.5, so if you can get it at that I suggest you do.  Factor in the weather with the high altitude, and it seems that this game will be a tough game for both teams but the conditions favor the Broncos.

Pick: Denver +7


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