Have you seen this man?

November 25, 2009

Kerry Rhodes has been a huge disappointment this year.

Well, this Sunday, you sure as hell won’t.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported that Jets coach Rex Ryan has decided to bench safety Kerry Rhodes against the Panthers this Sunday and start Eric Smith.

From my mouth to God’s ears.

Rhodes, the biggest shit-talker on the Jets — he said he wanted to embarrass the Patriots in Week 2 — has done nothing this year to warrant his off-colored rants. He actually hasn’t done anything in the last two years to earn his $33 million. He has 42 tackles this year, without any  forced fumbles, sacks or interceptions.

If you watched Sunday’s game against the Patriots — who got embarrassed Kerry? — Rhodes often slowed up on hits, missed tackles or straight up got trucked over by Patriots wide receivers.

In Rich Cimini’s article in today’s Daily News, he wrote, “Rhodes was considered a rising star after the 2007 season, when he made a career-high five interceptions and almost made the Pro Bowl. In April, of 2008, he received a five-year, $33.5million contract extension.

“There have been rumblings that Rhodes, a fledgling model and actor, isn’t focused on football. He dismissed that notion last week but he didn’t help his case by lobbying for Pro Bowl votes on his Twitter page.”

Is Rhodes more concerned with fame and stardom, rather than on the success of his team? I woke up this morning, itching to write a post on Rhodes because lately, I have heard him talk a lot of trash, and then not perform during the game. Then I read he’s been benched. Did Rex Ryan read my thoughts? 

This speaks volumes about Ryan’s coaching ability. He will not let one guy half-ass their way through a game, and doesn’t care that management spent millions to see Rhodes play. If you don’t play hard, you don’t play at all.

Nice job, Rex. Teach this team some discipline. Teach them that wins in the NFL aren’t easy. You have to earn it.

Just like your spot on this team.


One comment

  1. which is sad, because with revis on one side, you know the action is comin there more often, and rhodes produces less…hes gotta dead those karako commercials and get his shit together…by the way, someone making 33 million should not be puttin their name to a commercial as bootleg as that–just shows u what a dumbshit he is

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