Mets unveil new home uni for 2010

November 24, 2009

Which new players will be wearing it?

The Mets have officially announced the addition of a new pinstripe home uniform for next season, saying:

“The design combines new and old elements of Mets uniforms.  The Mets created the retro uniform following research and positive responses to the jerseys the 1969 World Champion Mets wore during their 40th anniversary celebration in August… The natural color and pinstripes were staples of the original Mets uniform when the team debuted in 1962.  The Mets will also continue to wear their white uniform at home with the black jerseys as an alternate.”

The new jersey will go on sale this Friday at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field, on Mets.com, all Modell’s Sporting Goods stores; and the team Clubhouse stores at the Roosevelt Field Mall and on 42nd Street.

via metsblog.com


I like the old pinstripe home uniforms better…sigh.  The Mets need to ditch the black alternate uniforms, as well as that stupid blue and black hat.  I understand its just a way to sell more jerseys and hats but it looks sloppier than the 2009 play on the field.



  1. black uni’s are crack.. what they need to do is stop bullshittin and sign some players… unveiling uni’s is a waste of time and effort.. how about put a winning team on the field Wilpons?

  2. If I were the Mets, I would steer away from pinstripes. Why flaunt the signature uniform element of a rival that you’re competing with for fans and merchandising? Better to come up with your own identity.

  3. then all teams should not wear pinstripes so they dont emulate the yanks?

  4. Ideally, no. It is, in fact, their signature uniform element.

    But my point was more that a team that’s in the same city should try to do something different, instead of just emulating the style of their rival.

  5. It looks dirty or put in the washing machine with loads of dark clothes! Trash! Should be bright white!!! It looks bad an discolored!!!!!!!!!! RIP-OFF!!!

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