Happy Feet Sanchez backpedaling

November 23, 2009

In today’s Newsday, Wallace Matthews remarks that Sanchez is regressing instead of progressing.  The Sanchise is coming off another five turnover game, and in the article Matthews states:

“Ten games into his pro career, the game is not slowing down for him, it is speeding up. Never did he look more like an overmatched rookie than on his fourth and final interception – but not turnover – of the day, when under pressure from three Patriots defenders, he blindly flipped the ball downfield like a man hoping to persuade a pack of hungry pit bulls to play “go fetch.”

While I agree that Mark Sanchez has killed this team with his bad decisions, inaccuracy at times, and ultimately the turnovers, I don’t see regression; I see a rookie quarterback who is being asked to do too much. 

More often than not the Jets abandoned the run yesterday when they didn’t have to.  Moreover, instead of settling for short pass plays, running back screens, and slants, the jets asked Sanchez to throw the ball down the field.  All that was unneccessary. 

The problem with the Jets is they expect to be a playoff team, despite playing with a rookie quarterback, and a rookie head coach.  People got too caught up with the success of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco last season that they expect every rookie quarterback to be able to do that.  How soon people forget how awful Peyton and Eli were their rookie seasons, how John Elway was benched, and how Terry Bradshaw was almost ran out of Pittsburgh.  How did those QB’s turn out?

The Jets have a ton of talent, both offensively and defensively, so it is obviously hard to watch this team not succeed.  But there is no point in benching Sanchez now.  The Jets have a minimal chance at a playoff spot, and the season is virtually over.  Let the kid learn, send him back out there with the intent to still win, and how about a little coaching?  It’s obvious the Jets are not teaching him the right things, especially with ball security.  Sanchez needs to learn that sometimes an incomplete pass is the best pass.  There’s always the next down.


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