This weekend in the wild world of sports…

November 21, 2009
NFL, NHL,College Football,Hocks, UFC!…what do I watch!…jdizzle will tell you


12:00 pm Michigan vs. Ohio St.—Yes, this game does not have the hype surrounding it as it once had, but it is still once of college’s greatest rivalry’s and if Rich Rodriguez is to stay in Ann Arbor he knows what he has to do today:  Not only win, but win convincingly.

1:00 pm Knicks vs. Nets—Hey, somebody’s gotta win.  Knicks and Nets don’t deserve high fives…

7:00 pm Panthers vs. Rangers- Rangers had a tough week of practice.  Henrik Lundqvist and Gaborik can not do it by themselves.  The Rangers will need help from Kotalik, Del Zotto, and the Captain Chris Drury who returns after suffering a concussion on November 7th.  Dubinsky will be out, so someone is going to have to help Gaborik out offensively otherwise the Rangers could start sliding quick.   

7:30 pm –  Cal vs. Stanford- Stanford over the last two weeks have put up ridiculous offensive numbers against  USC and Oregon, two of the best teams in the conference.   With a win against 25th ranked Cal and losses by Oregon, Oregon St, and Arizona in the remaining games can give the Cardinals a Rose bowl birth.  Gotta root for the geeks, sorry folks.

8:00 pm- Islanders vs. Blues-  I’m not watching it, but its on T.V. and this is T.O.N.Y.  We don’t discriminate. We showcase crappy NY teams as well.

8:00 pm- Oregon vs Arizona-  This may be the ABC game if it isn’t Texas vs. Kansas and I hope it is because these two teams deserve it.  After it’s opening season loss and after game activities, Oregon has bounced back and have only lost one other game making them 8-2 overall and 6-1 in the Pac 10.  If Arizona (6-3, 4-2) can win all of their last three games, they will play in the Rose bowl.  Arizona as we all know is a basketball school first, but their football program this year deserves one night on national television.  Coach Stoops was quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of football to be played, but pretty much it’ll be over if we don’t win on Saturday.”. 

Ortiz Griffin 11

11:00 pm—UFC 106- Ortiz vs Griffin 11- What a rematch this will be after Griffin was robbed by decision against Ortiz three years ago.  Ortiz has gone Hollywood and hasn’t seen action for about a year and a half so it will be interesting to see if he still has it.  Griffin is coming off back to back losses against Evans and Silva, so expect Griffin to come out and try to destroy Ortiz.  These guys beat the crap out of each other in their last fight, and after that weak decision, I do not expect anything else.  Punches will be thrown, people will get bloody, and someone’s face will hit the mat of the octagon.  ONLY ON PPV!  On the undercard, if you want to see a real man fight, make sure you tune in before the main event for Anthony Johnson.  He fought a month ago, but since he beat that dude’s ass in about 14 seconds he is ready to fight again.  Josh Koscheck can fight, but Anthony Johnson is a force that will be a champion very soon once he gets a shot.  Koscheck will be just another step as he tries to attain that goal. 

Sunday Football

Sunday Footballlllllll!!! 1 pm Falcons at Giants (Giants -6.5)–honestly, if the Giants are to turn it around this season, it starts tomorrow.  After a loss to Green Bay, the Cowboys have allowed the division to stay up for grabs.  The Boy’s play an interesting game against Washington that they can lose outright, so Giants need to win.  Antonio Pierce will not play due to a neck injury, but Michael Turner will probably also miss tomorrow’s game.  Advantage, Giants. 

4:15—Jets vs. Pats (Jets +10.5)—Lets get it!  No need to say anything.  Brady decapitation. Kill Kill Kill!


  1. Last time I checked those crappy Islanders are tied with the even crappier Rangers.

    • we dont discriminate…and yes, i am shocked that we both have 23 pts….however….u have like 7 ot losses…thats bad

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