Week 11, Ill Will’s Football Friday Picks

November 20, 2009

…in the league where they play…..for pay.  (que music)

10 teams, 5 games, 5 spreads, 5 picks:  Bet at your own risk.

Last week: 3-2 (C’mon Romo!)


Jets @ Patriots:                  Take the Jets (+10.5)

Browns @ Lions:               Take Detroit (-3.5)

Redskins @ Cowboys:    Take the ‘skins (+11)

Steelers @ Chiefs:             Take the Steelers (-10)

Colts @ Ravens:                 Take Peyton Manning (-1.5)   


That’s the Jets (+10.5), the Lions (-3.5), the Redskins (+11), the Steelers (-10), and the Colts (-1.5)


JDizzle off to a rough start, but don’t count him out.



  1. cmcwo44’s Locks of the Week:

    San Diego -2.5 (Chris Simms. Enough said)
    Detroit -3.5 (Yes, Cleveland is that bad)

  2. u had carolina too! then u erased it

  3. I took my picks down before the game started because there’s no point in making any picks on Wednesday before injury reports come out.

    And anyways, TONYSports does not support the NFL network.

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