Walsh drops the ball…again

November 20, 2009

Chris Duhon should never step foot on a court again.

After reading the post — Excuses from The Garden — I felt like, maybe, I’m just not as smart as I thought.

It’s no secret. I have always been and always will be an Allen Iverson fan. I loved him in G-Town, and it’s been a wrap ever since.

With that aside, Knicks GM Donnie Walsh has one more chance to prove to me that he’s not completely retarded. In 2008, he drafted Danilo Gallinari, and passed up on Brooks Lopez. Now, to be fair,  The Rooster may amount to something, but aren’t the Knicks in dire need of a low-post power presence? Sorry Donnie, that’s not David Lee.

In last year’s draft, he selected Jordan Hill, and passed up on Brandon Jennings. If you didn’t know, Jennings is the 9th leading scorer in the NBA at 24.8 ppg this year. Hmm. Walsh’s excuse was that he didn’t see enough of Jennings, and the tryout they had for him did not “fully showcase his abilities.”

What does that even mean?

Brandon Jennings is scoring 24.8 ppg.

Isn’t the process — send scouts, watch his games, watch video and then render a decision? What did Walsh miss? And now the Knicks, who would be served nicely with Lopez at center and Jennings at the point, have whiffed on two years worth of drafting.

Then he pulls this shit.

The Knicks, who have no go-to scorer, no inside presense and no leadership, pass up on an all-star, scoring champion who desperately wants to end his career on a high note. They say no to Allen Iverson? Why, so Duhon and Nate Robinson can run the point guard position into the ground?

The Knicks said, “We are always looking to improve the team, but he and Coach D’Antoni both feel that an addition could hurt the development of the Knicks current players by taking away their minutes.” That’s from an MSG memo.

Development of who? Wilson Chandler? Jordan Hill? Are you kidding?!

That had to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. This team is filled with nobodies and has-beens, and God forbid,they make a move that COSTS THEM NOTHING to put out a watchable product? And I thought Jets management was incompetent. This team is like watching a pick up game for students at United Cerebal Palsy.


So Donnie, you got 2010 to prove to me that you’re worth your weight in gold. You better get two BIG players, and I don’t mean Joe Johnson either. You better make this team better because you’ve made Knicks fans sit through two debilitating to watch seasons.

You owe it to us.


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