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November 20, 2009

The Knicks have yet to post a winning season since 01'

After days of deliberation from coach Mike D’antoni and general manager Donnie Walsh, reports are surfacing that the Knicks are not going to pursue current free agent Allen Iverson. It was as early as noon today that a source from the New York Times said that the Knicks likelihood of pursuing the 34-year-old guard were in the high 90’s and that a deal would be struck this afternoon. Hours after that report, general manager Donnie Walsh was quoted as saying the following:

“It has nothing to do with Allen Iverson, It’s a stage our team is in right now, building a team for the future. It got interesting for a while because Allen’s a great player. You’re 1-9, you’ve got to start thinking, ‘We’ve got to get help in here.’

“When we rethought it, it could hurt our development in the future. We want to go the way we’re going. There’s other things we could do during the year that will be more in line with what our philosophy is.”

“I didn’t think it fit in the beginning,” Walsh added. “When we started thinking about it, it’s enticing to think you can get a guy who can score the ball that way. As it went on, I started to think with Mike that he’s going to take time from some of the players we want to develop.”

Yada, yada, yada, yada. This is the same man on Tuesday that said it would be a longshot to sign AI and then on Thursday called Larry Brown to ask about the former 10 time all-star. Donnie is a basketball guy, he understands the nuances of the game and I respect him for shedding this team of bad contracts to put the Knicks in a position for the free agents of 2010. However, the reason the Knicks aren’t pursuing Allen Iverson can be squarely put on the shoulders of one man, Knick owner James Dolan.

As soon as former Knick coach Larry Brown gave his vote of approval to Donnie Walsh I knew the deal was squashed. If you remember, Brown had a famous falling out with then GM Isaiah Thomas and James Dolan about his contract when he was dismissed from the team. This is the guy who let Patrick Ewing go before his valuable expiring contract could be used for a trade, he is also the same guy to run out my favorite Knick Latrell Sprewell and the same guy to give Allan Houston a $100 million dollar contract. His managerial tactics have been sub par to say the least and he’s made horrible decisions for both Cablevision owned teams the Knicks and Rangers.

Commissioner David Stern has even criticized questionable moves by Dolan saying in 2007 that “they’re not a model of intelligent management”

This is the same guy folks that brought in general manager joke Scott Layden, who had no idea on how to manage a salary cap and had no business being in New York in the first place. Who can forget the classy Isaiah Thomas?? The same Thomas that brought shame to this once respectable franchise by sexually harassing a former Garden employee and letting malcontent Stephon Marbury run a muck in the Garden like it was his own private play land.

I am almost certain that James Dolan is the reason that Iverson is not going to put on a Knick jersey this year, given his resumé so far, except for the hiring of Donnie Walsh which remains to be seen. Dolan has no clue of how to put a winning or competetive team for that matter on the hallowed floors of Madison Square Garden.

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  1. I used to be Knicks number one fan and cannot stand this team, players and specially Cablevision executives anymore. How could they get things so f..up? Obviously poor dinasty management. Get real professionals to do it.. It’s about time!!

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