Knicks “Answer”: NO THANKS

November 20, 2009


The New York Times is reporting that the Knicks will not be signing Allen Iverson afterall. They are apparently worried about his affect on team chemistry. It indeed would be a tragedy to break up such chemistry that has allowed the Knicks to start off 2-9 on the young season. The seemingly mutually beneficial relationship between Iverson and the Knicks will apparently not materialize.

Iverson is looking for a team where he can start, play up tempo, score a lot of points, and get another contract after this season. According to Steven A. Smith, Iverson also wanted to be closer to his Philadelphia home, and his teenage children. Meanwhile, the Knicks are looking for any way to make their team watchable fore the remainder of the season, without adding any contracts that go beyond 2010. Signing Iverson for the rest of the season (at the veteran minimum), would seem to be perfect for everyone. The Times reports that both Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni viewed signing Iverson as “risky”. It’s not entirely clear what the risk would be, besides perhaps failing to achieve the NBA’s worst record.


  1. god forbid if Iverson acted up and caused off the court problems, potential free agents might not want to come to NY because of it.

    That’s really the only reason I can think of pertaining to the brass not wanting to sign him.

  2. Thanks Knicks. The season may have been actually bareable with AI.

  3. Under no circumstance would he be a Knick in 2010, so signing him shouldn’t have an affect on free agents this summer. His signing would be a 71 game rental to make the ’09-’10 Knicks somewhat watchable.

  4. I know that Im just trying to think of why they wouldnt want him. You sign him to the vet min, which means you could cut him at first sign of a problem, but maybe they felt that “problem” could prevent free agents from coming, thinking the knicks are all screwed up and have too many problems as an organization, with or without AI. either way, it’s a no-brainer to sign him.

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