What a Shocker! Ex-Giant Shockey running his mouth again

November 19, 2009

Shockey: Lebron couldn't cut it in NFL

After reports surfaced that future Knick, err I mean NBA star Lebron James said he has aspirations to someday play in the NFL, Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey has some thoughts of his own.  “King James wouldn’t cut it in the NFL on Sundays.”  That is what the talkative ex-Giant said via his Twitter account Wednesday night. “Everyone trust me Lebron James could not play in the NFL,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “ESPN is crazy to even think he could even make a practice squad. He’s no better than a 4.9  40 time.”

For maybe the first time ever, I agree with Shockey.  But I don’t think Lebron was all that serious.

In other King James news, Lebron hurt his left wrist by banging it on the basket while dunking late in the Cavs 108-91 loss to the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night.

“I hit it pretty bad on the rim,” said James, who iced his wrist in the locker room after the game. “It’s like you hit your funny bone, but it’s not funny at all.”

He said it happened on one of his driving dunks that closed Cleveland’s scoring with more than 2 minutes left.

“Didn’t feel good at the time,” said James, who added that he hurt the same wrist earlier this season.

He finished with 34 points and nine assists.

One comment

  1. I hate this guy with a passion, I think LBJ could run faster than a 4.9 40 though.

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