The Notorious B.I.G, Eddy Curry returns to Knicks

November 19, 2009

Spicin' it up... Curry impresses in debut

With all the hype surrounding the Knicks possibly acquiring Allen Iverson, an old face showed up last night to help the Knicks in their 110-103 win over the Pacers. Eddy Curry who has been sidelined because of a calf injury since the start of the season played 12 minutes in his début and scored an impressive 10 points.

He has slimmed down significantly and it clearly shows. I will even say that this is the best he’s looked physically since coming to New York  in 2005. Curry, 26 is no doubt a talented basketball player, he is very nimble on his feet and has great hands for a man his size. He had his best year as a pro back in the 06-07 season, when he averaged a career high 20 points and 7 rebounds per game. Though he can improve his defense and shot blocking ability, he can really be a force to be reckoned with on the offense.

He has been a target of mine and fellow Knick fans ire for the past couple of seasons because of his weight and conditioning issues. He has also endured off the court issues including a sexual harassment accusation from his ex limo driver, and the murder of his ex girlfriend and young daughter early this year. However after all he’s been through I truly commend him for re-dedicating his life back to basketball.

Last night was definitely a start in the right direction. Curry was inserted with a few minutes remaining in the second quarter and made the most of his time. He quickly established himself in the pivot and scored the two times he touched the ball. He even got whistled for a technical foul on Solomon Jones after aggressively fighting for position down in the block. In the fourth quarter he again tried to establish his presence in the paint by hitting some nice turn around jumpers forcing Indiana to foul him. He went 4-8 from the charity stripe and helped put the Pacers in the penalty early in the quarter.  The Knicks were plus-10 when he was on the floor.

There is no post presence whatsoever and Curry can most definitely fill that void. If he can regain his offensive touch he will consistently draw double teams from opposing defenses. This will allow David Lee to play his more natural position at the power forward and open up the floor for Knick shooters like Gallinari, Harrrington and Robinson.

I thought he was finished but Eddy Curry reminded me last night why he was once heralded as the franchise player for this team.

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